Big Data – Specialty Certification for AWS


Este curso de teleformación se diseña para prepararse la certificación de Big Data - Nivel de Certificación Specialty

Con una selección de contenidos formativos cuya idioma base en una parte importante de los mismos es el inglés, y con el soporte y supervisión de nuestro equipo de soporte,  gestionados y supervisados por Nanfor.

El contenido base del curso es: 



        For domain one we explain the various data collection methods and techniques for determining the operational characteristics of a collection system. We explore how to define a collection system able to handle the frequency of data change and the type of data being ingested. We identify how to enforce data properties such as order, data structure, and metadata, and to ensure the durability and availability for our collection approach.


        Domain two of the Big Data Specialty learning path focuses on storage. In this group of courses, we outline the key storage options for big data solutions. We determine data access and retrieval patterns, and some of the use cases that suit particular data patterns such as evaluating mechanisms for capture, update, and retrieval of catalog entries. We learn how to determine appropriate data structure and storage formats, and how to determine and optimize the operational characteristics of a Big Data storage solution.


        In domain three of the Big Data Specialty learning path we learn how to identify the appropriate data processing technologies needed for big data scenarios. We explore how to design and architect a data processing solution, and explore and define the operational characteristics of big data processing. We delve in to the various processing services available focusing on Amazon Kinesis, Elastic Map Reduce and Amazon Recoknition.


        For domain four of the Big Data Specialty learning path we learn how to determine the tools and techniques required for data analysis. We explore how to design and architect an analytical solution, and how to optimize the operational characteristics of the Analysis System using tools such as Amazon Athena and Kinesis.


        In domain five we learn how to determine the appropriate techniques for delivering the results/output of a query or analysis. We examine how to design and create a visualization platform using AWS services, and how to optimize visualization services to present results in an effective and accessible manner using Amazon Quicksight.

        Data Security

        Data security comprises 20% of the certification curriculum so it is important students have a thorough understanding of security best practices for Big Data solutions. In this course we examine how to determine encryption requirements and how to implement encryption services. We examine how to choose the appropriate technology to enforce data governance, and Identify how to ensure data integrity while working with Big Data solutions.


        Learning Path Steps

        1. Course: Introduction to the Big Data Specialty Learning Path
          Introduction to the Big Data Specialty Learning Path

        2. Course: Analytics Fundamentals for AWS

        3. Course: Database Fundamentals for AWS

        4. Course: AWS Big Data Specialty - Data Collection

        5. Course: AWS Big Data Specialty - Storage

        6. Lab: Getting Started with Amazon Redshift

        7. Course: Working with Amazon DynamoDB

        8. Quiz: Big Data Speciality - Collection and Storage

        9. Course: AWS Big Data Specialty - Processing

        10. Course: Working with Amazon Kinesis

        11. Lab: Getting Started with Amazon Elastic MapReduce

        12. Course: Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Amazon Machine Learning

        13. Lab: Amazon Machine Learning for Human Activity Recognition

        14. Course: AWS Big Data - Athena

        15. Course: AWS Big Data - Kinesis Analytics

        16. Lab: Automate Image Labeling with Amazon Rekognition

        17. Quiz: Big Data Speciality - Analysis

        18. Course: AWS Big Data - Data Visualization

        19. Course: AWS Big Data Security: Encryption

        20. Lab: Using Amazon Key Management Service to Encrypt S3 and EBS Data

        21. Quiz: Amazon S3 Security Features

        22. Course: Big Data Specialty Learning Path Conclusion