SysOps Administrator – Associate Certification for AWS


Este curso de teleformación se diseña para prepararse la certificación de SysOps Administrator - Nivel de Certificación Associate

Con una selección de contenidos formativos cuya idioma base en una parte importante de los mismos es el inglés, y con el soporte y supervisión de nuestro equipo de soporte,  gestionados y supervisados por Nanfor.

El contenido base del curso es: 

Foundations for SysOps Administrator: Walks you through the core AWS compute, storage, and service offerings you need to be familiar with for the AWS SysOps Administrator–Associate exam. This course provides you with snapshots of each service, and covering just what you need to know, providing you with a high-level starting point for exam preparation.

Designing Highly Available Fault Tolerant Scalable Systems: Teaches you to recognize and explain the core architecture principles of high availability, fault tolerance, and cost optimization.

Data Security: Learn to recognize and explain platform compliance for AWS, and be able to both recognize and implement secure procedures for optimum cloud deployment and maintenance, including understanding the shared responsibility

Deploying a business application: Run a hands on deployment of a simple business solution for a fictitious company Pizza Time.

Making out business application Highly Available: Use the practical skills we have learnt in labs to deploy a more scalable, available and durable version of our solution.


Learning Path Steps

  1. Course: Foundations for SysOps Administrator - Associate for AWS

  2. Quiz: Compute for AWS

  3. Lab: Create Your First Amazon EC2 Instance (Linux)

  4. Quiz: Amazon EC2

  5. Lab: Create Your First Amazon S3 Bucket

  6. Lab: Managing Instance Volumes Using EBS

  7. Lab: Create Your First Amazon RDS Database

  8. Lab: Create your first Elasticache cluster

  9. Course: Designing Highly Available Systems - AWS SysOps - Associate

  10. Lab: Introduction to Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

  11. Quiz: Amazon VPC

  12. Lab: Creating your first Classic Load Balancer

  13. Quiz: Elastic Load Balancing

  14. Lab: Introduction to CloudWatch

  15. Lab: Working with Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling Groups

  16. Quiz: Auto Scaling

  17. Lab: Manage message queues using Amazon SQS

  18. Course: Data Security for SysOps Administrator Associate on AWS

  19. Lab: Introduction to IAM

  20. Lab: Advanced roles and groups management using IAM

  21. Lab: Securing your VPC using Public and Private subnets

  22. Quiz: Data Security

  23. Course: Deploying a Simple Business Application for Pizza Time

  24. Lab: Deploy a PHP application using Elastic Beanstalk

  25. Course: Deploying a Highly Available Solution for Pizza Time

  26. Lab: Create an EBS-Backed Linux AMI

  27. Lab: Serve your files using the CloudFront CDN

  28. Lab: Deploy Wordpress using CloudFormation

  29. Lab: Using S3 Bucket Policies and Conditions to Restrict Specific Permissions

  30. Course: Summary - SysOps Administrator — Associate Certification for AWS

  31. Certification: SysOps Administrator for AWS Associate

  32. Exam: Preparation Exam: Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate for AWS