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Product Version

Oracle Database 11g Release 2 ( Patch Set 1

Acerca de este Curso

This Oracle Database 11g: Backup and Recovery Workshop will teach you how to evaluate your own recovery requirements. You'll learn to develop an appropriate strategy for backup and recovery procedures; please note that this course is based on Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Patch Set 1.

Learn To:

  • Develop appropriate backup and recovery procedures to address your business needs.
  • Employ Oracle Database recovery procedures to recover from media failure.
  • Use Flashback Technologies to complement backup and recovery procedures.

Benefits to You

By enrolling in this course, you'll get a chance to participate in hands-on practices and workshops that give you experience working within a realistic technical environment. These interactive workshops give you the opportunity to diagnose and recover from numerous failure scenarios, based on backup and recovery case studies.

Backup & Recovery Techniques

This course reviews the backup and recovery techniques discussed in the Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I and II courses. Expert Oracle University instructors will help you examine various backup, failure, restore and recovery scenarios.

Recovery Manager (RMAN) & Enterprise Manager

Please note that you're expected to have some knowledge of Recovery Manager (RMAN) and Enterprise Manager, as you'll use RMAN and Enterprise Manager to perform backup and recovery operations. Flashback features are also described as an additional way to recover from various errors.

          Objetivos del Curso

          • Perform tablespace point-in-time recovery
          • Describe the Oracle Database architecture components related to backup and recovery operations
          • Describe additional high availability features such as Oracle Data Guard and Oracle Secure Backup
          • Plan effective backup and recovery procedures
          • Describe Oracle Database backup methods and recovery operations that can be used to resolve database failure
          • Configure the database for recoverability
          • Use Recovery Manager (RMAN) to create backups and perform recovery operations
          • Use the Data Recovery Advisor to diagnose and repair failures
          • Use Oracle Flashback Technologies to recover from human error
          • Perform an encrypted database backup and restore


          Contenidos del Curso


            Using Recovery Manager (RMAN) and Enterprise Manager

              Configuring for Recoverability

                Using the RMAN Recovery Catalog

                  Backup Concepts and Strategies

                    Creating Backups

                      Restore and Recovery Concepts

                        Using Data Recovery Advisor

                          Performing Recovery

                            Using Flashback Technologies

                              Flashback Database

                                RMAN Performance and Tuning

                                  Backup and Recovery Workshop Scenarios


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