Finance & Operations is a robust ERP solution deployed in large organizations. The security of your information is strategic, therefore, in this seminar we will see the main security components of the application. 

Who is it for?

ICT professionals, finance managers, consultants, business application developers and professionals who want to know the security features available in the application. 


  • Welcome 
  • Distinguish between roles, duties, privileges and permissions
  • Apply security roles to users
  • Describe segregation of duties
  • Analyze security reports
  • How to create and use the approval workflow
  • Configuring Workflow Elements and Properties
  • Set up and configure legal entities and operating units
  • Set up and troubleshoot number sequences
  • Creating an organization hierarchy and assigning a purpose
  • case study
  • Cases of success/testimonials of teletraining of ExecuTrain Mexico 
  • Q&As 


  • Wednesday, 12/14/2022


  • Of 15:45 PM - 17:15 PM CET


  • Raphael Quiroz - Microsoft Certified Trainer and Support Engineer at Nanfor Ibérica


Level 300 (Expert level)



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