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Inscripción a cursos gratuitos - SEPE 2020


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Course contents


Topic 1. Start working with MS Project 2010

  1. Step One: Start MS Project 2010.
  2. Environment or Work Environment.
  3. Views in MS Project 2010.
  4. Start a New Project.
  5. Enable the Project Summary Task.

Topic 2. Tasks

  1. Creation of Tasks.
  2. Duration of Tasks.
  3. Creation of Subtasks.
  4. Creation of Repetitive Tasks.
  5. Creation of a Milestone.
  6. Editing Tasks: Delete, Move, Insert and Hide a Column, Modify the Format of the Values in Date Type Columns.
  7. Identification of Project Tasks.
  8. Dependency between Project Tasks.
  9. Types of Linkage between Tasks.
  10. Identification of Project Tasks.
  11. Lead and Lag Time
  12. Dependency between Project Tasks.
  13. Task linking.
  14. Modifying the Task Linking.
  15. Inclusion of Task Delay Times.
  16. Inclusion of Lead Times.

Topic 3. Use of Calendars

  1. Calendars for Projects. Base Calendars.
  2. Calendar Administration.
  3. Create or Copy a Calendar.
  4. Customize a Calendar.
  5. Assign the Custom Calendar to the Project.
  6. Define Calendar Settings.
  7. Update Calendar on a Temporary Scale.
  8. Calendars maintenance.

Topic 4. Resources

  1. Project Resources and Types.
  2. Definition of the Resource List.
  3. Description of Available Fields.
  4. Definition of Resource Names.
  5. Define Availability of Resources.
  6. Assign Resources to Tasks.
  7. Redistribute Use of Resources.

Topic 5. Follow-up

  1. Project Baseline.
  2. Create a Baseline.
  3. Copy, Delete and Update a Baseline.
  4. Analyze the baseline data.
  5. Compare Schedule with Expected.
  6. Project monitoring.

Topic 6. Tables, Reports and Configuration for Printing

  1. Tables in Project 2010: 
  • Selection of a Table.
  • Description of Task Tables.
  • Description of Resource Tables.
  • Create or Modify a Table.
  • Reports:
  • Create or Modify a Report.

Topic 7. Apply the Format to the Project

  1. Change how things look.
  2. Print, Save and Export.


This course is taught in online mode with a duration of 50 hours.

The training is carried out through our Virtual campus, With this modality you will have all the didactic content on the course platform and it will be accessible, from the course start day, 24 hours a day, every day of the week.



Access requirements

Priority groups

  • For transversal training programs:

to. Young people under 30 years old.
b. Women.
c. Over 45 years old.
d. Disabled
and. Low-skilled workers (low-skilled workers will be considered those people who at the time of the start of the course are included in one of the following contribution groups: 06, 07, 09, 10. In the case of people unemployed or self-employed will be considered those who do not have a professional card, level 2 or 3 certificate of professionalism, vocational training qualification or a university degree).
F. Long-term unemployed.
g. SME workers.
h. Workers with part-time contracts.
i. Workers with a temporary contract.

  • For the sectoral training programs, in addition to the above, those determined by the corresponding state sectoral joint commissions, having take into account those detailed below corresponding to the Business Services sector

Documentation to be provided by participants and companies

Before providing this documentation, the applicant must know that his company belongs to to the Business Services sector within the national codes of economic activities. 

  • Photocopy of DNI or NIE.
  • Photocopy of the Social Security Card.
  • Annex I. Application for Participation (Completed and with original signature, send it by post or Messenger service to Nanfor Ibérica, S.L. Calle María de Molina, 54 - 5th floor - 513, 28006 Madrid, Att. Natalia Lices) (Download Annex I)Or by email as long as it has the digital signature certified by the participant's FNMT, thus avoiding the sending of any document in physical format.
  • Updated job application card, employment status of the unemployed and enrollment periods in case of being unemployed.
  • Work Life Communication Report and Contribution Bases to workers. (See download guide).
  • Most recent payroll and a posteriori payroll of the month of beginning of the training in case of being employed workers.
For participants to take these free courses they need the following documents completed, signed and sealed. All documentation must be sent by email to, and you need the Annex I original signed and sent on paper by courier, postal mail or other means with original signature (Nanfor Ibérica, S.L. Calle María de Molina, 54 - 5th floor - 513, 28006 Madrid, Att. Natalia Lices) or by email as long as it has the digital signature certified by the participant's FNMT, thus avoiding the sending of any document in physical format. 



    After successfully completing the course, you will receive a diploma of achievement which will include the logo of the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security, as it is a specialty recognized by the SEPE (State Public Employment Service).


    Inscripción a cursos gratuitos - SEPE 2020


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