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Online methodology for role-based online training:

Methodology with Digital MOCs

MOC  MOC (Microsoft Official Courseware)

The MOC is a unique product that is developed by Microsoft engineers and specialists who work for the Training department and are in contact with the creators of the product. This specialized material is only offered through the official Microsoft partner network and is completely up-to-date material.

  • Duration: Access to the official material of the course unlimited in time.
  • Delivery: maximum 3 days after hiring the course.

How to read MOCs?

To know how to read the MOCs visit Skillpipe is an official Microsoft technology, if you have any questions or comments regarding Skillpipe please visit the page

To access the MOCs, it is recommended to have Windows systems from version 7. You can view the content with Android systems in online mode.

The documentation can be printed page by page and can be viewed on Skillpipe's official media on Windows technology.


Labs  Virtual laboratories (Microsoft Labs)

Microsoft Labs Online is a safe, economical, flexible and efficient way to offer our clients the practical laboratories of official Microsoft courses. This web-based practice hosting service provides online access to a selection of practices from Microsoft's official course catalog.


plataforma  LMS platform

  • Duration: during the time of access to the course.
  • High delivery: 7 days after hiring the course

To access the platform you must enter the Learning Portal 2.0: In the "Login" section enter your Username and Password (which will be sent by email). You will see a side menu with your profile information and the courses you are enrolled in. Upon entering the elearning platform, the student will be able to find resources such as: Consultation Forum, Chat, Student Guide, Additional Material: information in PDF, videos, etc., which serve as a complement (optional).


soporte  Individual support

Official online support from Microsoft certified experts from Nanfor Ibérica. A communication system is established with the asynchronous tutor, among which are emails, SMS, forums, social networks and others. More information:

  • Duration: 3 months.
  • Start support: from the same day of hiring the course. You can hire another type of support tailored to the participant (with a webinar-type connected online expert) for this, request more information on additional fees.


MOC  Nanfor Support Material

Nanfor and its experts provide support material for each official course, which is based on recorded online sessions, live online sessions, videos, documents, multimedia material, practicals and different elements to support learning.

  • Duration: 2 months.
  • Start support: from the same day of hiring the course.


soporte mva  Support material MVA

Nanfor integrates the Microsoft Virtual Academy into its teachings, which offers various interesting content for the student.

These unattended contents in .doc, .pdf format or independent videos support the knowledge and allow to increase the capacities of the students.

  • Duration: 2 months.
  • Start support: from the same day of hiring the course


MOC Language of the official material and laboratories

The reference language of the material is English. This helps the student to better prepare the questions of the official exam (in the event that he / she hired it) since they are normally done in English. There is usually no official material updated in Spanish. Nanfor's teaching department helps students with doubts generated by the language and recommends certain support materials that are in Spanish. (Depending on each course the amount may vary)

The official material of the manufacturer does not answer all the questions of the exam nor is the fact of your purchase a guarantee to pass the exam.

Official achievement diploma

At the end of the course the student will be able to issue the corresponding diploma



The duration of the courses is 110 hours online with 2 months of access to the LMS platform and 21 days of access to LABs (with an additional option to 2 months of access to labs).

To know the possible bonuses visit the page: