SAG, or Advanced Group Support, includes the tools used in the Individualized support / Teleformation and advanced plus a student-centered training and management system.

This model allows activities to be carried out and discussed in a group through a personalized forum per course, allowing learning enriched by the interaction between the participants.


Elements that extend learning

  • Student guide on the use of the platform: Available on the platform for the student to consult at any time. There it is explained how to access the course, the email, how to use the forum, documentation, recommended reading, how to upload tasks, how to enter the online sessions with the expert and everything to do with the use of the platform's resources.
  • Workplan: It is an activity plan for the completion of the course, which the expert makes available to students from the beginning of the course. There the times are set and the elements of each course unit are structured: content, recommended reading, forum, exercise, etc.
  • Recommended reading: Complementary readings proposed by the expert on each unit of the course, which the student must read in order to solve the activity and discuss it in the forum.
  • Activities: Exercises proposed by the tutor on the content of the course and on the recommended readings. These activities are discussed through the forum. The expert can propose individual or group activities.
  • Documentation: From this section of the platform the student will be able to access all the course documentation. The tutor leaves files and the students can download them.
  • Upload tasks: Students can upload assignments to the platform for the tutor to correct later.
  • Online sessions with experts: Coordinated by the course tutor, through our virtual learning classroom, where students are summoned to solve doubts or questions synchronously and explain topics.
  • Individualized forum by group: Communication through which the students and the tutor talk about course topics, raise doubts about the practices, give opinions, answer questions. The forum is for groups and is run by the expert who acts as moderator. Through the forum the expert asks questions about course topics.


Student training itinerary

  1. Welcome to the course via email with informative material about the course
  2. Online presentation session
  3. Access to the platform: Course Presentation Unit 
  4. Access to the next unit
  5. Unit study of each course
  6. Recommended reading
  7. Activities to be carried out by the student
  8. Step to the next unit (same activity as in the previous case)
  9. Online meeting
  10. Recovery time with activities
  11. Assessment test


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