This type of personalized support is carried out with the main means of monitoring and managing students. The participant communicates with the support team constantly through the platform, forums, email, direct telephone line and online sessions (Skype) in group or individualized

And if I have a question, how do I solve it in the distance?


Communication system with the tutor

  • Telephone: Over the phone +34 91 031 6678  The student can connect with the CAU (Customer Service Center) from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday uninterrupted. The tutors contact the student through the office or mobile phone!
  • SMS: Through SMS messages to the mobile we keep in contact with the student to motivate their progress in learning.
  • Content queries: It allows searching for any concept in the learning area and content index of the learning platform.
  • RSS collective forum: In this open space, they are organized by themes, points of view and information about the contents of the courses are discussed and exchanged. They are interactive forums to which students of different courses can subscribe via RSS and receive all or some of the updates or contributions from the participants.
  • Social networks: Through our new presence in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube We intend to promote the exchange of experiences and learning among our students. Managed by our tutors who, as Community Managers, will promote access to the learning resources included in the work system and social learning.
  • E-mail: With the contact email addresses provided by the student, to send support messages and follow up. The student can contact us via e-mail at:
  • Doubts and inquiries: The support contract 2.0 includes immediate attention service for problems of access to the elements of the course by phone and Skype. Technical consultations on course concepts are made through the forum of each course.
  • Calls and inquiries: the support team will call and contact you electronically INDIVIDUAL to each participant about any aspect of the course.
  • Additional services: If you want live / online consulting with an expert who will clarify any doubts at the same time, you would have to hire the advanced support mode in webinar mode with a private and individualized instructor at your service. In this case, please contact the corresponding consultant.


Learning Journey Experience

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