Our individualized support is based on the method "Always by your side" by which the participant is in contact with the constant support team (24/7), through different methods of communication available both in groups or individually.

This type of support is compatible with professional activities and allows great flexibility with full customization and technical follow-up from instructors.


Communication system available

Welcome Sessions

Students receive a welcome session where the use of the platform is explained, the resources that are part of the course are shown, and the assigned trainer is introduced.

Personalized tutorials

Are performed weekly meetings with the experts certified by the manufacturer for live and live resolution of doubts and queries of the participants.

Booster sessions

Are performed online sessions to support the knowledge and learning areas that require personalized support, such as: practices, demonstrations of use of official laboratories, certification preparation, etc...

Consultation forum

The students they have a forum that the official certified instructors respond within a period of 48 hours. The forums are an open space, which is organized by theme, where points of view and information about the contents of the courses are discussed and exchanged.

Virtual advisor

Through our innovative systems of Artificial intelligence Students will be able to search for any concept and get answers immediately. The advisor is available at the training campus and all answers are managed and verified by the team of instructors.

Custom agenda designs

During the training period, the participant is sent a work plan for weeks with the description of activities, tasks, practices and other components to obtain a unique experience.


The student is contacted via e-mail to send messages of support and follow up on the training. In turn, the student can contact us at: soporte@nanforiberica.com

Social networks

Through our new presence in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube We intend to promote the exchange of experiences and learning among our students.


Over the phone +34 91 031 6678 The student can connect with the CAU (User Service Center) from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday uninterrupted. This immediate attention is intended for administrative queries and for problems of access to the elements of the course. Technical inquiries about course concepts are made through the resources listed above.


From the first moment the participant will have a personalized follow-up with an assigned technical tutor and a support group to help the participants in the training itinerary.



Virtual Advisor Demo

Learning Journey Experience