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Course 80725AE: Development Environment Introduction in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

Detalles de Curso


This Digital Learning course focuses on the capabilities and features of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 Development Environment. It explain the basic development concepts in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, and provides an overview of the C/AL programming language and various object types. 

Objetivos del Curso 

  • Provide a General Overview of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Provide basic understanding of Table Objects and Properties
  • Use Tables and Table Objects in the Development Environment
  • Use Pages and Page Objects to Create a User Interface
  • Introduce C/AL Programming
  • Assign Statements and Expressions
  • Use C/AL Statements
  • Use Conditional Statements and Boolean Expressions
  • Understand C/AL Functions
  • Develop Reports and Use a Report Objects
  • Design a Data Model for a Report Layout
  • Use Word Layouts
  • Discuss XMLPorts and Import/Export Information
  • Explain how XML Files are Used
  • Discuss and Explain the CodeUnits Object
  • Provide Insight about.NET and Microsoft Dynamics NAV