Microsoft Office Specialist Excel 2013 MOS Certification

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Goals :

Create and manage spreadsheets and workbooks

Manage data cells and ranges

Create tables

Perform operations with formulas and functions

Create Graphics and Objects

Contents :

  • Create spreadsheets and workbooks
    • Create a workbook, import data from a delimited text file, add a spreadsheet to an existing workbook, copy and move a spreadsheet
  • Browse through spreadsheets and workbooks
    • Search for data in a book; go to a certain cell, range or workbook element; insert and delete hyperlinks
  • Format spreadsheets and workbooks
    • Change the color of spreadsheet tabs, change the name of a spreadsheet, change the order of spreadsheets, modify page settings, insert and delete rows or columns, change workbook themes, adjust row height and column width, insert headers and footers
  • Customize options and views in spreadsheets and workbooks
    • Show or hide sheets, show or hide columns and rows, customize the quick access toolbar, change workbook views, change window views, modify document properties, change magnification with zoom tools, show formulas
  • Set up spreadsheets and workbooks for distribution
    • Set a print area, save books in different file formats, print an entire book or selected parts, set the print scale, repeat row and column headings in multi-page spreadsheets, inspect properties or hidden personal information of a book, inspect a book for accessibility issues, inspect a book for compatibility issues
  • Insert data into cells and ranges
    • Replace data; cut, copy or paste data; paste data with the paste special options; fill cells using autofill; insert and delete cells
  • Format cells and ranges
    • Combine cells, modify cell alignment and indentation, format cells with Format Painter, wrap text inside cells, apply number formats, apply cell formats, apply cell styles
  • Summarize and organize data
    • Insert sparklines, outline data, insert subtotals, apply conditional formatting
  • Creating and managing tables
    • Create an Excel table from a range of cells, convert a table to a range of cells, add or delete rows and columns from a table
  • Manage table styles and options
    • Apply styles to tables, set table style options, insert total rows
  • Filter and sort a table
    • Filter records, sort data into multiple columns, change sort order; remove duplicate records
  • Summarize data with functions
    • Insert references, perform calculations with the SUM function, perform calculations with the MIN and MAX functions, perform calculations with the COUNT function, perform calculations with the AVERAGE function
  • Perform conditional operations with functions
    • Perform logical operations with the IF function, perform logical operations with the SUMIF function, perform logical operations with the AVERAGEIF function, perform statistical operations with the COUNTIF function
  • Format and modify text with functions
    • Format the text with the RIGHT, LEFT and MID functions, format the text with the UPPER, LOWER and PROPER functions, format the text with the CONCATENATE function
  • Create charts
    • Create a new chart, add additional data series, switch between rows and columns in the source data, analyze data with quick analysis
  • Format graphic elements
    • Resize charts, add and modify chart elements, apply chart styles and layouts, move charts to a chart sheet
  • Insert and format objects
    • Insert text boxes and shapes, insert images, modify object properties, add alt text to objects to improve accessibility

Duration : 100 hours

Access : 3 months

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