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Acerca de este Curso

The Oracle Database 12c: Administration Workshop will teach you about the Oracle Database architecture. You will discover how to effectively manage an Oracle Database instance, configure the Oracle Network Environment and perform database maintenance.

Learn To:

  • Create and manage an Oracle Database Instance.
  • Create and manage Storage Structures.
  • Configure the Oracle Network Environment.
  • Create and manage users.
  • Monitor the database and manage performance.
  • Learn basic information on backup and recovery techniques.
  • Use the Oracle Support Workbench and My Oracle Support to update your Oracle Database software.

Benefits to You

Ensure fast, reliable, secure and easy to manage performance. Optimize database workloads, lower IT costs and deliver a higher quality of service by enabling consolidation onto database clouds.

Participate in Hands-On Practices and Demonstrations

Expert instruction and hands-on demonstrations will provide you with real world experience. By engaging in hands-on exercises to reinforce your learning, you'll develop in demand skills to effectively manage an Oracle Database.

Objetivos del curso

  • Monitor the Database
  • Manage Database Performance
  • Implement Database Auditing
  • Configure the Database Instance Such That Resources Are Appropriately Allocated Among Sessions and Tasks
  • Schedule Jobs to Run Inside or Outside of the Database
  • Configure Oracle Net Services
  • Configure your Database For Backup and Recovery Operations
  • Describe Oracle Database Architecture
  • Manage the Oracle Database Instance
  • Manage Oracle Database Storage structures
  • Create and Administer User Accounts

Contenidos del Curso


Installation of Pluggable database


Create pluggable database by a plug-in operation

Create pluggable database using seed

Create pluggable database using DBCA

Create Pluggable database using existing pluggable database


+Pluggable database administration


How to Change Sys & System password in Oracle 12C

How to start,stop,connect to pluggable and container database

How to connect to pluggable database

How to Migrate Non-container database to pluggable database -PART II

How to Migrate Non-Container Database to Pluggable Database-PART I

Drop pluggable Database using SQL command.


+RMAN Backups


How to take pluggable database backup ?

How to take backup of tablespace using RMAN

How to take the backup of root database ?

How to take backup of container database ?

How to take backup of datafiles ?


+User creation in oracle 12c


User creation in oracle 12c


+Export Import Datapump Operation


Datapump Introduction

Table Export using Datapump

Import Deleted table using IMPDP datapump

Export Schema dump with EXPDP

Import Schema dump using datapump utility

Full database export

Include and Exclude parameter in Datapump

Parameter File Contents Written to Log File - Logtime parameter

Content Parameter

Query parameter




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