Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Administration I - nanforiberica


Oracle WebLogic Server 11gR1 (10.3.3)

Acerca de este Curso

This course teaches students how to install and configure Oracle WebLogic Server 12c. It gives administrators an overview of the basic concepts and architecture of WebLogic Server.

Learn how to:

  • Install, configure, and administer Oracle WebLogic Server
  • Monitor domain resources
  • Deploy applications
  • Create a domain
  • Start servers
  • Monitor domain resources
  • Set up and use node manager
  • Deploy applications
  • Configure database resources
  • Configure a cluster

Benefits to You

After taking this course, you'll be able to improve the performance and scalability of your organization’s applications and services with the #1 application server. You'll simplify deployment and significantly improve time-to-market.

Objetivos del Curso

  • Configure WebLogic Server's authentication provider
  • Deploy applications to WebLogic Server
  • Backup and restore a WebLogic Server domain
  • Create a WebLogic Server domain
  • Configure and monitor WebLogic Server
  • Configure WebLogic Server database resources
  • Create and configure a WebLogic Server cluster
  • Install WebLogic Server 12c

Contenido del Curso

WebLogic Server Overview

    Installing and Patching WebLogic Server

      Creating Domains

        Starting Servers

          The Administration Console

            Configuring JDBC

              Monitoring a Domain

                Node Manager

                  Deploying Applications



                        WebLogic Server Security

                          Backing Up and Restoring a Domain



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