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Product Version

Primavera: 8.3

Acerca de este Curso

This Primavera P6 Fundamentals Rel 8.3 training teaches you how to create a project, add activities and relationships, assign resources, adjust the project plan to account for schedule delays and overallocated resources and analyze portfolios. You'll also learn how to customize the Personal Workspace and the Project Workspace to monitor project progress and communicate with team members.

Learn To:

  • Create a project.
  • Add activities.
  • Create relationships.
  • Assign and analyze resources.
  • Analyze project performance.
  • Execute and control the project.
  • Customize dashboards and the Project Workspace.

Benefits to You

Enrolling in this course will help you understand P6’s basic features and functionality so you can apply them to your organization’s project management processes. You'll develop the skills to manage projects on time and within budget to ensure optimal outcomes from capital and resource investments.

Please Note

This course uses P6, Primavera Web-based project management tool. Oracle BI and BPM are not covered in this course.


          Objetivos del Curso

          • Create a Work Breakdown Structure
          • Add activities
          • Customize activity views
          • Create relationships
          • Schedule the project
          • Assign constraints
          • View the Enterprise Project Structure
          • Optimize the project schedule
          • Create a project
          • Assign roles and resources
          • Analyze resources and costs
          • Baseline the project plan
          • Execute the project
          • Customize dashboards


          Contenidos del Curso

          Understanding P6 Data

            Creating a Project

              Creating a Work Breakdown Structure

                Adding Activities

                  Using Activity Views

                    Creating Relationships

                      Scheduling a Project

                        Assigning Constraints

                          Optimizing the Project Schedule

                            Viewing the Project Workspace

                              Assigning Roles and Resources


                                  Baselining the Project Plan

                                    Executing the Project Plan

                                      Analyzing the Updated Project

                                        Viewing Dashboards



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