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The Adobe InDesign CS6 certification is an industry recognized credential. The certification is proof of a person's competence across a spectrum of skills including laying out and designing text, graphics, and cross-media for onscreen and print documents.



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Product Details

Lesson 1: Getting started

  • Topic A: The Adobe InDesign environment
  • Topic B: Preferences and defaults
  • Topic C: Navigation
  • Unit summary: Getting started
  • Review Questions

Lesson 2: Basic documents

  • Topic A: New documents
  • Topic B: Text frames
  • Topic C: Place and alter graphics and files
  • Unit summary: Basic documents
  • Review Questions

Lesson 3: Using objects

  • Topic A: Object positioning
  • Topic B: Modify and transform objects
  • Topic C: Object consistency
  • Unit summary: Using objects
  • Review Questions

Lesson 4: Multi-page documents

  • Topic A: Master pages
  • Topic B: Insert, delete, and move pages
  • Topic C: Layers
  • Unit summary: Multi-page documents
  • Review Questions

Lesson 5: Working with text

  • Topic A: Text formatting
  • Topic B: Text styles
  • Topic C: Text flow
  • Unit summary: Working with text
  • Review Questions

Lesson 6: Working with graphics and colors

  • Topic A: Adjust graphic formatting
  • Topic B: Custom colors
  • Unit summary: Working with graphics and colors
  • Review Questions

Lesson 7: Preflighting and preparing documents for final output

  • Topic A: Preflight documents
  • Topic B: Prepare documents for final output
  • Topic C: Export to PDF
  • Unit summary: Preflighting and preparing documents for final output
  • Review Questions

Lesson 8: Text editing

  • Topic A: Import and edit text
  • Topic B: Special characters
  • Topic C: Column, frame, and page breaks
  • Unit summary: Text editing
  • Review Questions

Lesson 9: Linked files

  • Topic A: Linked files
  • Topic B: Replicate and link content
  • Unit summary: Linked files
  • Review Questions

Lesson 10: Flexible document setup

  • Topic A: Alternate page sizes and layouts
  • Topic B: Placeholders, templates, and conditional text
  • Topic C: Object libraries and snippets
  • Topic D: Data merge
  • Unit summary: Flexible document setup
  • Review Questions

Lesson 11: Working with color and transparency

  • Topic A: Create colors, tints, and mixed ink swatches
  • Topic B: Gradients
  • Topic C: Colorize a grayscale image
  • Topic D: Transparency
  • Unit summary: Working with color and transparency
  • Review Questions

Lesson 12: Vector paths

  • Topic A: Creating vector paths
  • Topic B: Vector paths and pictures
  • Topic C: Vector paths and type
  • Unit summary: Vector paths
  • Review Questions

Lesson 13: Tables

  • Topic A: Create tables
  • Topic B: Changing table structure
  • Topic C: Formatting tables
  • Unit summary: Tables
  • Review Questions

Lesson 14: Long documents

  • Topic A: Sections
  • Topic B: Tables of contents
  • Topic C: Indexes and cross-references
  • Topic D: Footnotes
  • Topic E: Books
  • Unit summary: Long documents
  • Review Questions

Lesson 15: Working with color

  • Topic A: Color management
  • Topic B: Individual image profiles
  • Topic C: Color printing basics
  • Topic D: Process and spot colors
  • Unit summary: Working with color
  • Review Questions

Lesson 16: Print preparation

  • Topic A: Ink management
  • Topic B: Transparency flattening
  • Topic C: Print challenges
  • Unit summary: Print preparation
  • Review Questions

Lesson 17: Electronic distributions

  • Topic A: Interactive objects
  • Topic B: Interactive Behaviors
  • Topic C: PDF forms
  • Unit summary: Electronic distributions
  • Review Questions

Lesson 18: Exporting interactive documents

  • Topic A: Export to PDF, HTML, and SWF
  • Topic B: Export to EPUB
  • Unit summary: Exporting interactive documents
  • Review Questions

Lesson 19: XML

  • Topic A: Exporting documents as XML files
  • Topic B: Importing XML files
  • Unit summary: XML
  • Review Questions

Test Prep & Practice Questions

uCertify provides full length practice tests. These tests closely follow the exam objectives and are designed to simulate real exam conditions. Each course has a number of test sets consisting of hundreds of items to ensure that learners are prepared for the certification exam.