Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel. MPP

Este curso pertenece al Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science y al Microsoft Professional Program for Big Data



Start Here!

  • Welcome to the Course!
  • Set up the Lab Environment
  • DataSet / Examples Usage
  • Pre-course Survey

Module 1

  • Data Analysis in Excel.
  • Lab: Explore and Extend a Classic Excel Dashboard

Module 2

  • The Excel Data Model. 
  • Basic DAX
  • Lab: Explore an Excel Data Model

Module 3

  • Importing Data from a CSV File.
  • Lab: Importing Data from a CSV File

Module 4

  • Importing Data from Databases
  • Importing Data from Multiple Files
  • Create a Date Table in Excel Data Model
  • Lab: Creating Mash-ups of Data from Multiple Sources

Module 5

  • Creating and Formatting Measures
  • Using Advanced DAX Functions
  • Lab: Creating Measures using Advanced DAX Functions

Module 6

  • Importing Data from a Formatted Excel Report
  • Lab: Advanced Text Query

Module 7

  • Visualizing Data in Excel
  • Lab: Data Visualizations in Excel

Module 8

  • Using Excel with Power BI
  • Power BI Mobile App

Course Wrap-up

  • Course Wrap-up
  • Post-course Survey



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