Course AZ-100T01: Manage Subscriptions and Resources

Module 1: Managing Azure Subscriptions
In this module, you’ll learn about the components that make up an Azure subscription and how management groups are used to organize subscriptions into containers to allow you to control organizational governance and policy management across subscriptions. As well as learning about the different available types of subscription, you’ll see how to apply tags to your Azure resources to logically organize them by categories.Lessons

  • Overview of Azure Subscriptions
  • Billing
  • Azure Policy

After completing this module, students will be able:

  • Manage Azure subscriptions and billing, and implement Azure policies.

Module 2: Access Management for Cloud Resources
In this module you will learn the basics of role-based access control as it applies to users and groups. Focus on the administrator role and how it used in Azure. 

  • Azure Users and Groups
  • Role-based Access Control

After completing this module, students will be able:

  • Implement access management with Azure users, groups, and role-based access control.

Module 3: Monitoring and Diagnostics
In this module, you learn about the Azure Monitor and the many capabilities to ensure your Azure architecture is working correctly. Monitoring skills are explained in this first course and then demonstrated in the following courses. The two main elements explained in this module are Azure Alerts and Azure Activity Log.

  • Exploring Monitoring Capabilities in Azure
  • Azure Alerts
  • Azure Activity Log

After completing this module, students will be able:

  • Use Azure Monitor to configure Azure alerts and review the Azure Activity Log.

Module 4: Log Analytics
In this module, you will focus on Log Analytics. Log Analytics provides a way for you to collect, analyze, and query all types of connected data. It is a very powerful tool.

  • Introduction to Log Analytics
  • Querying and Analyzing Log Analytics Data

After completing this module, students will be able:

  • Query and analyze Log Analytics data.

Module 5: Azure Resource Manager
In this module, you will learn about how resources are organized into resource groups and how ARM templates are used to deploy those resources. This module introduces the concepts and then they are applied in the other courses.

  • ARM templates
  • Resource Groups

After completing this module, students will be able:

  • Deploy resources with ARM templates and organize Azure resources. 

Module 6: Azure Tips, Tricks, and Tools
This last module is provided to help you get the most from your administrative tools. This include the Azure Portal, Cloud Shell, Azure CLI, Azure PowerShell, and Resource Explorer.

  • Azure Portal
  • Azure Tools and Environment

After completing this module, students will be able:

  • Optimize your use of Azure tools like the Azure portal, Azure PowerShell, Cloud Shell and the Azure CLI.