Demo Course: Using Microsoft Official Course On-Demand (Course OD99999A) - nanforiberica

Acerca de este curso

In this demo course you will learn how to use the Microsoft Official Course On-Demand (MOC On-Demand) player and understand the various content components that make up a course. You will start by learning about the overall course structure and understand the various content components. Next, you will learn to navigate through the course and access various hands-on components. Microsoft Labs Online are a key feature of a MOC On-Demand course. You will learn about the ways to make the most out of your lab experience. Finally, you will learn about assessments and will take a look at how to access the Support section from within a course.

Perfil del usuario objetivo

Anyone who is interested in taking a MOC On-Demand course for the first time.  You could be a Developer, IT Professional, or working at a Learning Partner.


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