LogicalCHOICE Adobe InDesign CC: Part 2 Electronic Training Bundle - Student Edition - nanforiberica

Logical Operations courseware is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 3 or Windows 7 (Windows 7 recommended).



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Product Details

Logical Operations Adobe InDesign CC: Part 2 courseware is preferred by instructors and students alike because of its superior instructional design, and the availability of supplemental content in multiple modalities created using single-source development. Logical Operations Electronic Training Bundle includes an electronic "e-Book" version of the ILT courseware; interactive resources designed to reinforce course material; HTML versions of the ILT courseware for any mobile device that supports a web browser; detailed assessments designed to identify competency gaps and validate comprehension; and a bonus online business skills course to help students apply their skills in the workplace. This course will prepare students to understand and use the various elements in the Adobe InDesign CC interface so as to efficiently work with the software.