Principles of Machine Learning: Python Edition. MPP

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Before You Start
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Module 1: Introduction to Machine Learning
  • High Level Data Science Process
  • Overview of Machine Learning
  • Lab: Lab 1 Introduction to Machine Learning

Module 2: Exploring Data

  • Exploratory Data Analysis for Regression 
  • Exploratory Data Analysis for Classification
  • Lab: Visualizing Data for Regression

    Module 3: Data Preparation and Cleaning

    • Data Preparation and Cleaning
    • Feature Engineering
    • Lab: Data Preparation

      Module 4:  Getting Started with Supervised Learning

      • Regression
      • Classification
      • Lab: Introduction to Regression

        Module 5: Improving Model Performance

        • Principles of Model Improvement
        • Techniques for Improving Models
        • Dimensionality Reduction
        • Lab: Bias-Variance Trade-Off

        Module 6: Machine Learning Algorithms

        • Introduction to Decision Trees
        • Ensemble Methods
        • Neural Networks
        • Support Vector Machines (SVMs)
        • Bayes Theorem
        • Lab: Bagging

        Module 7: Unsupervised Learning

        • Clustering
        • Lab: Introduction to Unsupervised Learning

        Final Exam and Survey

        • Final Challenge
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