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The CompTIA Mobile App Security+ certification covers the skills required to securely create a native iOS or Android mobile application, while also ensuring secure network communications and backend web services.View Exam Objectives

Why CompTIA Mobile App Security+?

  • Differentiate yourself as an app developer
  • Globally recognized CompTIA name
  • Show your commitment to keeping apps secure

Jobs that use CompTIA Mobile App Security+

  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Application Development Manager
  • Network Security Developer

Certification Information

Now that mobility has reached a critical mass, many companies are downloading or creating applications explicitly for today's smart platforms, either for internal use or to share with customers. Unfortunately, for many of these applications — especially the ones publicly available for download — security was an afterthought.

The idea behind CompTIA Mobile App Security+ is to ensure that developers have the knowledge and skills to design and build applications with security built in from the start.

There are two editions of CompTIA Mobile App Security+ — one for Android and one for iOS. Only one exam is required for certification. The exams cover web service and network security, data security and implementing encryption, and other aspects of mobile application security.

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