Curso de Desarrollo de Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

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Detalles de Curso

» Describe the basic features of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.
» Review basic form navigation.
» Review the architecture of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.
» Describe the options for making development changes in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.
» Describe the theory of Model Driven Architecture in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.
» Review licensing and configuration.
» Explain the MorphX development environment and the Application Object Tree.
» Design tables using MorphX.
» Describe the different data types within Microsoft Dynamics AX.
» Create a new table.
» Learn how to create and modify indexes using MorphX.
» Describe relations on Microsoft Dynamics AX tables.
» Learn how to create and modify Enumerated data types.
» Learn how to create and modify views.
» Design and build Forms in Microsoft Dynamics AX.
» Join two data sources on a form.
» Create customized menus and menu items.
» Create a form using form templates.
» Know the components of a list page.
» Create a new FactBox.
» Describe the elements of Role Based Security in Microsoft Dynamics AX.
» Setup a new user.
» Assign roles to a user.
» Assign a security role to a user.
» Edit duties assigned to a role.
» Edit privileges assigned to a duty.
» Edit permissions assigned to a privilege.
» Search for roles with access to a menu item

Contenidos Del Curso

  1. Architecture
  2. Introduction
  3. Features of Microsoft Dynamics AX
  4. Architecture
  5. Development Environment
  6. Model Driven Architecture
  7. Licensing and Configuration
  8. Data Dictionary
  9. Introduction
  10. MorphX and the Application Object Tree
  11. Tables
  12. Data Types: Primitive and Extended
  13. Creating Tables
  14. Indexes
  15. Relations
  16. Base Enumerations
  18. User Interfaces
  19. Introduction
  20. Forms
  21. Joining Data Sources
  22. Menus Items
  23. Form Templates
  24. List Pages
  25. FactBoxes
  26. Security
  27. Introduction
  28. Definitions
  29. Set Up a New User
  30. Assign a User to a Role
  31. Change Duties on a Role
  32. Change Privileges on a Duty
  33. Assign a Permission to a Privilege
  34. Investigate Access


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