Inteligencia Artificial: Natural Language Processing (NLP), LUIS, Bots

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

                1. Introduction to NLP

                2. Neural Models for Machine Translation and Conversation Generation

                3. Deep Semantic Similarity Model and Its Applications

                4. Natural Language Understanding

                5. Deep Reinforcement Learning

                6. Vision-Language Multimodal Intelligence



1: Developing Intelligent Applications with LUIS

1.1. What LUIS is (Add intents, Add utterances, Add entities, Improve performance using phrase lists and patterns, Train and test, Review endpoint utterances, Publish)

1.2 Lab: Creating the LUIS service in the portal (optional)

1.3 Lab: Adding intelligence to your applications with LUIS

1.4. Ejercicio en grupo: Business Case I - Cognitive Services


Develop Azure Cognitive Services, Bot, and IoT solutions

  1. Develop Azure Cognitive Services Solutions

  2. Create and integrate bots

   3. Create and implemente IoT Solutions



2.1 Lab: Developing Intelligent Applications with Azure Search

2.2. Introduction and Context for Bots

2.3 Lab: Bulding Intelligent Bots

2.4 Lab: Log Chat Conversations in your Bot

2.5 Lab: Testing your Bot

1.6. Ejercicio en grupo: Business Case II – Bots


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