Core Oracle Dba Administration


How to open GUI in putty session

Create,Delete Oracle Services using Oradim

How to start,stop database

How to change DBID in oracle

How to change DB Name in Oracle

How to rename datafile in Oracle 11G

How to change Archive destination in Oracle

How to start,stop,Reload Listener in Oracle

Alert log file in Oracle

How to recover missing control file

How to recover missing data files

Spool file in Oracle

How to set Static Ip address

Basic Unix command for Oracle DBA

Export Import Table in oracle

Parfile in oracle

How to Install SQL developer tool

How to Create Pfile to SPFile and Vice-Versa

Parameter Files in Oracle - PFile and SPfile

–Oracle 12C Container-Pluggable database Administration


How to create Non-Container Database-Oralcle 12C Administration

Create Pluggable database using DBCA-Oracle 12C Administration

How to create Pluggable database Manually-Oracle 12C database administration

How to Rename Pluggable Database-Oracle 12C Administration

How to Drop Pluggable database - Oracle 12C Administration

How to take backup of container-pluggable database

Migration from Non-Container Database to Pluggable Database-PART I- Oracle 12C

Migration from Non-Container Database to Pluggable Database-PART II- Oracle 12C

–Dataguard Administration


Introduction of Dataguard

Snapshot Standby Database Introduction

How to convert Physical standby database to Snapshot Standby Database

How to convert SnapShot to Physical Standby database

Swichover introduction in Oracle Dataguard

–RAC (Real Application Cluster)


How to Start and Stop RAC databases

–Oracle 18C Database


Oracle 18C download and Prerequisite

Installation of Oracle 18C database on Windows Server

How to connect to EM(Enterprise manager) Express with Oracle 18C database



Certification prep:


ORACLE 1z0-062 certification


This exam measures the following skills:

Exploring the Oracle database architecture

Oracle database management tools

Oracle database instance

Configuring the Oracle network environment

Administering user security

Managing database storage structures

Creating and managing tablespaces

Managing undo data

Managing data concurrency

Implementing Oracle database auditing

Backup and recovery concepts

Backup and recovery configuration

Performing database backups

Performing database recovery

Moving data

Performing database maintenance

Managing performance: SQL tuning

Automating tasks by using Oracle Scheduler

Creating an Oracle database using DBCA

Upgrading Oracle database software

Introduction to DBAAS

This course contains 328 questions