Check Point Advanced IPS - nanforiberica

Prerequisites & Audience

  • Introduction to Check Point IPS Software Blade training
  • Working knowledge of Windows and/or Unix
  • Basic networking knowledge
  • Experience with TCP/IP and the internet


    Course Topics

    • Classify the best IPS exploitation approach for environment
    • Comprehend how security guidelines influence network processes
    • Classify Top Protections and Events
    • Categorize top security protections and events
    • Leverage our 5 proven IT security best practices
    • Modify Protections to protect Against Common Attacks
    • Examine your data to reduce your risks
    • Set up Server Objects
    • Find out abnormal attacks, events, worms and viruses
    • Properly configure DNS, web and mail servers for ongoing protection
    • Be able to differentiate false positives
    • Fix the Logging Mechanism