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The Alliance between Global Sports Innovation Center powered by Microsoft and Nanfor has made feasible the innovation in the sports industry world wide

A modern sports entity needs to improve constantly. The digital transformation offers immediate solutions that allow increasing the resources of an entity, getting "more for less" and increasing the competitiveness of organizations as well as the employability of the specialists who acquire this certification.

Collaborate, connect with members and fans, improve the situation of the federation or the sports club in social networks, attract more fans, understand and communicate better with the actual members are, among others, crucial aspects for the optimization of sports entity services and the improvement of their outcomes.

About GSIC

The Global Sports Innovation Center powered by Microsoft (GSIC) has as main objective to improve the value chain of the sports industry taking advantage of the most advanced technologies, allowing business connections and becoming a world reference for the sports industry, from start ups to business organizations. The GSIC connects different agents (institutions, administration, companies and universities) to create value in different sectors.


Online blended: all the activities of the transformation process can be held online. Will be hibrid online environment in synchronous (Skype) and asynchronous level in a Learning Management Platform and Content with individualized support from sport innovation experts

Action steps:

In the first step, a live online session with a certified consultant will be held, which will analyze, as a consultancy, the main milestones needed for the digital transformation of the sports entity.The second Step is developed in online mode, there will be support and access to contents that will allow to apply what has been learned to those entities that activate the action plan proposed during live online sessions.

Duration of the transformation action: 3 months, for 130 hours during the period will be held different live online sessions.

Adressed to:

CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, CFOs, Managers, marketing, commercial, financial, sales and administrative professionals of sports entities who wish to apply new solutions and processes for the construction and maintenance of a modern sport entity.To participate in this action, no prior knowledge is required and no experience in management activities of sports entities is required, though experience in the field would be an asset due to the practical outcomes of immediate applicability at the entity

Final project of Sports Business Intelligence:

Each participant at the week 10th has to develop a project either for their own entity or simulated to develop a model of Sports Business Intelligence

Objectives and Learning Outcomes:

Increase the number of federated members, partners and fans using customer relationship tools whether for private sports entities such as federations or public entities.

  • Increase the visibility and positioning of the sports entity optimizing its position on the internet and social networks
  • Connect to the data from anywhere and at any time
  • Improve interaction with the entity with members, sponsors and fans
  • Increase agility in internal processes
  • Optimize the digital collaboration of the entity
  • Improve the financial situation, eliminating expenses in obsolete technologies
  • Create interactive content valuable for the organization and the potential customers
  • Streamline communications, meetings and seminars online
  • Use digital tools to build loyalty and attract more partners
  • Achieving new digital sports business models
  • Social listening
  • Use of Business Intelligence to improve decisions 
  • Machine learning application for the World of Sports: Fast analysis
  • Creating Big Data models to increase profits for sports clubs
  • How AI can boost sport industry. Success cases


Activities, practical cases and projects will be based on collaboration tools for digital transformation, all participants will have two months of Office365 E5 license with the following tools:


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