Microsoft Outlook 2016



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    Outlook 2016





     Julio García-

    Javier Lozano –


    Objetivos del curso

    • Get easy-to-follow guidance from a certified Microsoft Office Specialist Master
    • Learn and practice new skills while working with sample content, or look up specific procedures
    • Manage your email more efficiently than ever
    • Organize your Inbox to stay in control of everything that matters
    • Schedule appointments, events, and meetings
    • Organize contact records and link to information from social media sites
    • Track tasks for yourself and assign tasks to other people
    • Enhance message content and manage email security

    Contenido del curso


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    Part 1: Get started with Outlook 2016

    • Chapter 1: Outlook 2016 basics  
      Start Outlook  
      Work in the Outlook user interface   
      Sidebar: About Office  
      Identify app window elements  
      Sidebar: Tell me what you want to do  
      Work with the ribbon and status bar  
      Sidebar: Adapt procedure steps   
      Manage Office and Outlook settings  
      Sidebar: Microsoft account options   
      Skills review  
      Practice tasks  
    • Chapter 2: Explore Outlook modules
      Work in the Outlook app window  
      Work with items  
      Switch among modules   
      Work in the Mail module   
      Folder Pane content  
      Ribbon tabs  
      Content area views   
      Sidebar: Display conversations  
      Message windows  
      Sidebar: Draft responses in the Reading Pane  
      Sidebar: The Backstage view of a message  
      Work in the Calendar module  
      Ribbon tabs  
      Calendar item windows  
      Work in the People module   
      Ribbon tabs   
      Contact record windows    
      Work in the Tasks module  
      Ribbon tabs   
      Task windows  
      Skills review 
      Practice tasks  

    Part 2: Manage email messages

    • Chapter 3: Send and receive email messages
      Create and send messages  
      Create messages 
      Troubleshoot message addressing  
      Save and send messages 
      Sidebar: Send from a specific account 
      Attach files and Outlook items to messages 
      Sidebar: New mail notifications 
      Display messages and message attachments 
      Display message content  
      Display attachment content  
      Display message participant information 
      Respond to messages 
      Sidebar: Resending and recalling messages 
      Skills review  
      Practice tasks   
    • Chapter 4: Enhance message content
      Personalize default message formatting 
      Apply thematic elements to individual messages 
      Apply and change themes
      Apply and change styles  
      Create and use automatic signatures  
      Incorporate images in messages 
      Change message settings and delivery options
      Skills review  
      Practice tasks  
    • Chapter 5: Manage email security
      Block unwanted messages  
      Sidebar: Trace message origins  
      Manage messages in the Junk Email folder  
      Configure junk email settings in your Inbox  
      Configure junk email options  
      Increase email security  
      Apply security measures to incoming messages  
      Apply security measures to outgoing messages  
      Configure Outlook to use a digital ID   
      Digitally sign or encrypt messages  
      Sidebar: Restrict access by using rights management  
      Skills review  
      Practice tasks  
    • Chapter 6: Organize your Inbox
      Display and manage conversations  
      Arrange messages by specific attributes   
      Categorize items  
      Sidebar: Store information in Outlook notes  
      Organize messages in folders  
      Sidebar: Print messages  
      Skills review 
      Practice tasks

    Part 3: Manage contacts

    • Chapter 7: Store and access contact information
      Save and update contact information 
      Create and modify contact records  
      Sidebar: Contact record sources  
      Sidebar: Conform to name and address standards  
      Communicate with contacts  
      Sidebar: Create custom contact record fields  
      Initiate actions from contact records  
      Select message recipients from address books  
      Sidebar: Link contact records   
      Display different views of contact records  
      Sidebar: Modify the settings of any view  
      Print contact records  
      Skills review  
      Practice tasks  
    • Chapter 8: Manage contact records
      Create address books   
      Import and export contact records  
      Create contact groups  
      Quickly locate contact information  
      Personalize electronic business cards  
      Skills review  
      Practice tasks   
    Part 4: Manage appointments and tasks
    • Chapter 9: Manage schedulingSchedule appointments and events  
      Sidebar: Add holidays to your calendar  
      Convert calendar items   
      Configure calendar item options  
      Schedule and change meetings  
      Respond to meeting requests   
      Display different views of a calendar 
      Sidebar: Use the Date Navigator  
      Skills review  
      Practice tasks  
    • Chapter 10: Manage your calendar
      Define your available time   
      Configure time zones  
      Sidebar: Specify appointment time zones  
      Work with multiple calendars   
      Connect to other calendars   
      Manage the display of multiple calendars  
      Share calendar information 
      Share calendars with co-workers  
      Share calendar information outside of your organization 
      Print a calendar  
      Skills review  
      Practice tasks  
    • Chapter 11: Track tasks
      Create tasks   
      Create task items   
      Create tasks from Outlook items  
      Manage tasks 
      Update tasks   
      Remove items from your task list  
      Manage task assignments   
      Assign tasks to other people  
      Respond to task assignments  
      Display different views of tasks  
      Display tasks in the Tasks module  
      Sidebar: Outlook Today  
      Display tasks in other modules 
      Skills review  
      Practice tasks   

    Part 5: Maximize efficiency

    • Chapter 12: Manage window elements
      Personalize the Outlook app window  
      Configure the Folder Pane  
      Configure the Navigation Bar  
      Display module peeks  
      Configure the Reading Pane  
      Customize the Quick Access Toolbar  
      Customize the ribbon   
      Customize user interface fonts  
      Skills review    
      Practice tasks   
    • Chapter 13: Customize Outlook options
      Sidebar: About the Outlook Options dialog box
      Configure general Office and Outlook options  
      Configure message options  
      Compose messages   
      Outlook panes  
      Message arrival  
      Conversation Clean Up  
      Replies and forwards 
      Save messages  
      Send messages 
      Message format 
      Configure calendar options  
      Configure contact and task options   
      Group options  
      Contact options  
      Task options   
      Configure search and language options 
      Configure advanced options  
      Manage add-ins and security options  
      Manage add-ins   
      Configure Trust Center options  
      Skills review  
      Practice tasks  
    • Chapter 14: Manage email automatically
      Automatically reply to messages  
      Sidebar: Manage messages while you’re away  
      Create rules to process messages   
      Manage messages by using Quick Steps  
      Skills review    
      Practice tasks 

    Requisitos previos 

    Para realizar este curso se requieren conocimientos básicos de manejos de PC e Internet.

    Requisitos de Software y Hardware

    Hardware: PC Multimedia

    Pentium IV o superior, 1 Gb de memoria, tarjeta de sonido, altavoces/cascos


    Windows XP, Windows Vista o Windows 7

    Navegadores: Explorer 6,7 y 8 o firefox 2 y 3

    Java 1.5 o superior

    Adobe Flash Player 7.0 o superior

    Javascript habilitado

    Adobe Reader 8.0 o superior

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