Microsoft Word 2019



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    Word 2019





     Julio García-

    Javier Lozano –


    Objetivos del curso

    • Get easy-to-follow guidance from a certified Microsoft Office Specialist Master
    • Learn and practice new skills while working with sample content, or look up specific procedures
    • Create visually appealing documents for school, business, community, or personal purposes
    • Use built-in tools to capture and edit graphics
    • Present data in tables, diagrams, and charts
    • Track and compile reference materials
    • Manage document collaboration and review
    • Fix privacy, accessibility, and compatibility issues
    • Supercharge your efficiency by creating custom styles, themes, and templates

    Contenido del curso

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    Part 1: Get started with Word 2019

    • Chapter 1: Word 2016 basics 
      Start Word   
      Work in the Word user interface  
      Sidebar: About Office  
      Identify app window elements  
      Sidebar: Tell me what you want to do    
      Work with the ribbon and status bar   
      Sidebar: Adapt procedure steps   
      Manage Office and app settings   
      Sidebar: Microsoft account options   
      Skills review   
      Practice tasks   
    • Chapter 2: Create and manage documents   
      Create documents   
      Open and move around in documents   
      Open existing documents   
      Sidebar: Open documents in Protected view  
      Sidebar: Edit PDF files in Word  
      Move around in documents  
      Display different views of documents   
      Display and edit file properties   
      Save and close documents   
      Manually save documents   
      Sidebar: Save files to OneDrive   
      Automatically save documents   
      Save documents in other formats   
      Sidebar: Maintain compatibility with earlier versions of Word   
      Close documents  
      Skills review  
      Practice tasks  
    • Chapter 3: Enter and edit text  
      Enter and import text   
      Sidebar: Import text from multiple documents  
      Move, copy, and delete text  
      Sidebar: Paste options   
      Find and replace text   
      Use reference and research tools   
      Sidebar: Install Office tools   
      Sidebar: Display document statistics  
      Skills review   
      Practice tasks  

    Part 2: Create professional documents

    • Chapter 4: Modify the structure and appearance of text   
      Apply paragraph formatting   
      Configure alignment    
      Configure vertical spacing  
      Configure indents  
      Sidebar: Configure paragraph borders and shading   
      Structure content manually    
      Apply character formatting   
      Sidebar: Character formatting and case considerations   
      Create and modify lists   
      Sidebar: Format text as you type  
      Apply built-in styles to text   
      Apply styles    
      Manage outline levels    
      Change the document theme   
      Skills review    
      Practice tasks   
    • Chapter 5: Organize information in columns and tables    
      Present information in columns   
      Create tabbed lists    
      Present information in tables    
      Sidebar: Insert an Excel spreadsheet    
      Sidebar: Other table layout options   
      Format tables    
      Sidebar: Quick Tables    
      Skills review    
      Practice tasks  
    • Chapter 6: Add simple graphic elements    
      Insert, move, and resize pictures   
      Sidebar: Graphic formats    
      Edit and format pictures    
      Sidebar: Add video content to documents   
      Insert screen clippings    
      Draw and modify shapes   
      Draw and add text to shapes   
      Sidebar: Use the drawing canvas to draw shapes   
      Sidebar: Locate additional formatting commands   
      Move and modify shapes    
      Format shapes    
      Sidebar: Insert symbols   
      Add WordArt text  
      Skills review   
      Sidebar: Format the first letter of a paragraph as a drop cap   
      Practice tasks    

    Part 3: Enhance document content

    • Chapter 7: Insert and modify diagrams   
      Create diagrams    
      Modify diagrams    
      Create picture diagrams   
      Skills review   
      Practice tasks  
    • Chapter 8: Insert and modify charts 
      Create charts    
      Modify charts    
      Manage chart data    
      Modify the display of chart elements   
      Sidebar: Pie charts   
      Format charts   
      Skills review    
      Sidebar: Custom chart templates    
      Practice tasks   
    • Chapter 9: Add visual elements    
      Format the page background    
      Insert a background watermark    
      Insert headers, footers, and page numbers   
      Insert preformatted document parts    
      Sidebar: Insert and link custom text boxes   
      Build equations   
      Sidebar: The Equation Options dialog box   
      Skills review    
      Sidebar: Set mathematical AutoCorrect options   
      Practice tasks  
    • Chapter 10: Organize and arrange content   
      Reorganize document outlines   
      Manage content in the Navigation pane   
      Manage content in Outline view   
      Arrange objects on a page   
      Use tables to control page layout   
      Skills review   
      Practice tasks  

    Part 4: Review and finalize documents

    • Chapter 11: Collaborate on documents   
      Mark up documents   
      Insert comments   
      Track changes   
      Display and review document markup    
      Display markup  
      Review and respond to comments   
      Review and process tracked changes   
      Sidebar: Remember to check for errors   
      Compare and merge documents   
      Compare and combine separate copies of a document   
      Compare separate versions of a document   
      Control content changes  
      Restrict actions   
      Restrict access by using a password  
      Sidebar: Restrict access by using rights management  
      Coauthor documents  
      Skills review   
      Practice tasks   
    • Chapter 12: Finalize and distribute documents    
      Locate and correct text errors   
      Preview and adjust page layout   
      Control what appears on each page   
      Prepare documents for electronic distribution  
      Sidebar: Accessibility issues   
      Print and send documents  
      Skills review   
      Practice tasks  

    Part 5: Use advanced Word functions

    • Chapter 13: Reference content and content sources  
      Insert bookmarks and cross-references   
      Sidebar: Hyperlink to additional resources   
      Display document information in fields   
      Insert and modify footnotes and endnotes   
      Create and modify tables of contents   
      Sidebar: Other reference tables   
      Create and modify indexes   
      Cite sources and compile bibliographies   
      Skills review  
      Practice tasks   
    • Chapter 14: Merge data with documents and labels   
      Understand the mail merge process    
      Start the mail merge process   
      Get started with letters   
      Get started with labels    
      Get started with email messages    
      Choose and refine the data source    
      Select an existing data source   
      Create a new data source   
      Refine the data source records  
      Sidebar: Refresh data   
      Insert merge fields    
      Preview and complete the merge    
      Create individual envelopes and labels   
      Generate individual envelopes   
      Generate individual mailing labels   
      Skills review    
      Practice tasks   
    • Chapter 15: Create custom document elements   
      Create and modify styles    
      Create and manage custom themes   
      Create and attach templates    
      Create custom building blocks    
      Skills review    
      Practice tasks    
    • Chapter 16: Customize options and the user interface   
      Change default Word options    
      Manage general Office and Word options   
      Manage display options   
      Manage proofing options    
      Manage file saving options    
      Manage language options    
      Manage advanced options    
      Customize the Quick Access Toolbar    
      Customize the ribbon    
      Manage add-ins and security options   
      Manage add-ins   
      Configure Trust Center options   
      Skills review    
      Practice tasks    


        Requisitos previos 

        Para realizar este curso se requieren conocimientos básicos de manejos de PC e Internet.

        Requisitos de Software y Hardware

        Hardware: PC Multimedia

        Pentium IV o superior, 1 Gb de memoria, tarjeta de sonido, altavoces/cascos


        Windows XP, Windows Vista o Windows 7

        Navegadores: Explorer 6,7 y 8 o firefox 2 y 3

        Java 1.5 o superior

        Adobe Flash Player 7.0 o superior

        Javascript habilitado

        Adobe Reader 8.0 o superior

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