On Demand CSTE Exam Prep plus Exam Voucher Bundle

Product Details

The CSTE On Demand and Exam Voucher Bundle combines the CSTE Exam Prep On Demand Virtual Course with a voucher for the CSTE application and exam fee. The course site is available On Demand 24 / 7.


Each session includes topic focused video lessons by expert instructors, multiple choice quiz and essay questions on material covered which simulate the types of objective and constructive response questions that will be experienced on the CSTE exam. Sample answers to the essay questions are included.


Course Syllabus

  • Pre-work : Self-Assessment, Pre-test, and CSTE STBOK download
  • Session 1 - Skill Category 1: Software Testing Principles and Concepts
  • Session 2 - Skill Category 2: Building the Software Testing Ecosystem
  • Session 3 - Skill Category 3: Managing the Test Project
  • Session 4 - Skill Category 4: Risk in the Software Development Life Cycle
  • Session 5 - Skill Category 5: Test Planning
  • Session 6 - Skill Category 6: Walkthroughs, Checkpoint Reviews, and Inspections
  • Session 7 - Skill Category 7: Designing Test Cases
  • Session 8 - Skill Category 8: Executing the Tests
  • Session 9 -Skill Category 9: Measurement, Test Status, Analysis, and Reporting
  • Session 10 - Skill Category 10: Testing Specialized Technologies
  • Session 11 - Final Review and Sample Exam

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