Microsoft PowerPoint 2016



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    PowerPoint 2016





     Julio García-

    Javier Lozano –


    Objetivos del curso

    • Get easy-to-follow guidance from a certified Microsoft Office Specialist Master
    • Learn and practice new skills while working with sample content, or look up specific procedures
    • Create attractive electronic presentations and printed publications
    • Incorporate professional design elements
    • Use built-in tools to capture and edit graphics
    • Include audio, video, and animated elements
    • Supercharge your efficiency by creating custom slide masters and layouts
    • Present data in tables, diagrams, and charts

    Contenido del curso

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    The Step by Step approach  
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    Part 1: Get started with PowerPoint 2016

    • Chapter 1: PowerPoint 2016 basics
      Start PowerPoint    
      Work in the PowerPoint user interface    
      Sidebar: About Office   
      Identify app window elements   
      Sidebar: Tell me what you want to do    
      Work with the ribbon and status bar   
      Sidebar: Adapt procedure steps   
      Manage Office and app settings    
      Sidebar: Microsoft account options    
      Skills review    
      Practice tasks    
    • Chapter 2: Create and manage presentations
      Create presentations    
      Open and navigate presentations    
      Display different views of presentations   
      Display standard views    
      Display program elements    
      Change the display of content  
      Display and edit presentation properties   
      Save and close presentations    
      Sidebar: Compatibility with earlier versions   
      Sidebar: Save files to OneDrive   
      Skills review   
      Practice tasks    
    • Chapter 3: Create and manage slides
      Add and remove slides    
      Insert new slides    
      Copy and import slides and content    
      Sidebar: SharePoint slide libraries   
      Hide and delete slides    
      Divide presentations into sections    
      Rearrange slides and sections    
      Apply themes    
      Change slide backgrounds    
      Sidebar: Non-theme colors    
      Skills review    
      Practice tasks   

    Part 2: Insert and manage slide text

    • Chapter 4: Enter and edit text on slides
      Enter text on slides    
      Enter text in placeholders  
      Insert nonstandard characters    
      Add supplementary text to slides    
      Sidebar: Insert equations    
      Add a slide footer    
      Move, copy, and delete text    
      Sidebar: Format text placeholders    
      Format characters and paragraphs    
      Apply WordArt text effects   
      Sidebar: Configure AutoCorrect options   
      Check spelling and choose the best wording  
      Sidebar: Find and replace text and fonts   
      Skills review   
      Practice tasks   
    • Chapter 5: Present text in tables
      Insert tables    
      Format tables    
      Modify table structure    
      Embed and link to Excel content   
      Skills review    
      Practice tasks    

    Part 3: Insert and manage visual elements

    • Chapter 6: Insert and manage simple graphics
      Insert, move, and resize pictures    
      Sidebar: Graphic formats    
      Edit and format pictures    
      Draw and modify shapes    
      Draw and add text to shapes    
      Sidebar: Locate additional formatting commands   
      Move and modify shapes   
      Format shapes   
      Sidebar: Connect shapes    
      Capture and insert screen clippings   
      Create a photo album    
      Skills review   
      Practice tasks    
    • Chapter 7: Create and manage business graphics
      Create diagrams    
      Sidebar: Picture diagrams    
      Modify diagrams  
      Format diagrams   
      Create charts    
      Modify charts   
      Manage chart data    
      Modify the display of chart elements   
      Sidebar: Pie charts   
      Format charts   
      Skills review   
      Sidebar: Custom chart templates   
      Practice tasks   
    • Chapter 8: Add sound and movement to slides
      Animate text and pictures on slides    
      Sidebar: Animate this   
      Customize animation effects   
      Sidebar: Bookmark points of interest in media clips   
      Add audio content to slides   
      Add video content to slides    
      Compress media to decrease file size   
      Sidebar: Hyperlink to additional resources   
      Add and manage slide transitions   
      Skills review   
      Practice tasks   

    Part 4: Finalize presentations

    • Chapter 9: Review presentations
      Add notes to slides   
      Configure slides for presentation or printing   
      Inspect and finalize presentations    
      Print presentations and handouts   
      Skills review   
      Practice tasks    
    • Chapter 10: Prepare and deliver presentations
      Adapt presentations for different audiences    
      Rehearse a presentation and set slide timings   
      Sidebar: Prepare presentations for travel   
      Present slide shows    
      Start the slide show   
      Use the slide show tools   
      Skills review   
      Practice tasks   

    Part 5: Use advanced PowerPoint functions

    • Chapter 11: Work in PowerPoint more efficiently
      Change default PowerPoint options   
      Manage general Office and PowerPoint options  
      Manage proofing options   
      Manage file locations   
      Manage language options   
      Manage advanced options   
      Customize the Quick Access Toolbar    
      Customize the ribbon    
      Manage add-ins and security options   
      Manage add-ins   
      Configure Trust Center options   
      Skills review   
      Practice tasks   
    • Chapter 12: Create custom presentation elements
      Create custom themes    
      Customize slide masters and layouts    
      Save custom presentation templates    
      Skills review    
      Practice tasks    
    • Chapter 13: Save and share presentations
      Save presentations in other formats    
      Share presentations from PowerPoint   
      Restrict access by using passwords   
      Add and review comments    
      Coauthor presentations   
      Skills review    
      Practice tasks    


      Requisitos previos 

      Para realizar este curso se requieren conocimientos básicos de manejos de PC e Internet.

      Requisitos de Software y Hardware

      Hardware: PC Multimedia

      Pentium IV o superior, 1 Gb de memoria, tarjeta de sonido, altavoces/cascos


      Windows XP, Windows Vista o Windows 7

      Navegadores: Explorer 6,7 y 8 o firefox 2 y 3

      Java 1.5 o superior

      Adobe Flash Player 7.0 o superior

      Javascript habilitado

      Adobe Reader 8.0 o superior

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