System Center 2016: Building Clouds


This course builds on the skills that are taught in INF262x, System Center 2016: Building a Datacenter Fabric. In this course, you’ll learn how to create, configure, and secure cloud resources. You’ll also learn how to implement and manage Self-Service.

The coursework covers managing cloud capacity, how to ensure efficient resource usage, managing roles and secuirty, assigning quotas and delegating permissions, and how to implement Self-Service.


  • The different types of clouds and private cloud considerations

  • Creating clouds in Virtual Machine Manager and configuring capacity and capability

  • Creating user roles, permission delegation, and assing quotas

  • Creating Self-Service user roles and configuring permisstions for Self-Service users


Students should have completed the Windows Server 2016 Fundamentals XSeries or have equivalent experience with networking, virtual machines, and managing IT infrastructure.



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