Business Intelligence and Analytics Using Azure IoT and Power BI for Dynamics 365 customer engagement Enterprise Edition

Review of BI with Dynamics 365

Review of the Cortana Intelligence suite

How offerings fit with Dynamics 365

Best practices for working with Dynamics 365 data and the Odata connection in Power BI

Combining Dynamics 365 data with other data sources in Power BI

Power BI offerings (Free, Pro, Premium, Embedded)

Introduction to DCI feature set

When to use DCI

Setup of DCI

Review of Azure IoT devices and infrastructure

Near-Real-Time analysis of IoT device performance with Power BI and Dynamics 365

Replicate Dynamics 365 data to an Azure SQL database

Introduction to the Data Export Service

Requirements for setup and when to use

Introduction to CDS

Using Dynamics 365 data and Power BI with CDS

Planning you Business Intelligence strategy for Dynamics 365

Review of pros and cons of features covered

Discussion on planning your Business Intelligence strategy


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