Check Point Threat Prevention



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Course Outline

This course teaches how Check Point’s Threat Prevention enables companies to control access to millions of websites while applying real-time protections that block attacks, botnets, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and zero-day threats.

This course is designed for customers and partners who want to add a secure web gateway solution to their security strategy. This could include the following:

• System Administrators
• Support Analysts
• Network Engineers

Prerequisites & Audience

Successful completion of this course depends on knowledge of network-security activitiesincluding UNIX and Windows operating systems Certificate management and networking (TCP/IP) and CCSA.

    Course Objectives

    At the end of this workshop you will:

    • Describe how ThreatCloud gathers real-time security intelligence
    • Understand how Antivirus identifies and blocks malware
    • Describe how Anti-bot detects and prevents bot damage
    • Discuss how IPS proactively prevents intrusions
    • Define URL Filtering to prevent access to websites
    • spreading malware
    • Define granular policies for user and groups with Identity Awareness
    • Create a Unified Security Policy to cover all web, applications, users and machines
    • Proactively analyze data
    • Detect infected hosts, identify bot outbreaks and block
    • bot communication
    • Configure the IPS demonstration tool
    • Know how to disable anit-spoofing on your security gateway
    • Describe what happens when a bot takes over a computer
    • How to update your malware database
    • Filter the Anti-Bot and Antivirus information for fast monitoring
    • Customize settings to meet the needs of your company
    • Configure Threat Emulation to inspect incoming traffic
    • Build custom queries and views

    Course Topics

    • Check Point Threat Prevention Overview
    • ThreatCloud Intelligence
    • Anti-bot technology
    • Intrusion Prevention
    • URL Filtering
    • Identity Awareness
    • Logging and Status
    • Integrated Security Management

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