SC-300: Identity and Access Administrator Associate
SC-300: Identity and Access Administrator Associate SC-300: Identity and Access Administrator Associate SC-300: Identity and Access Administrator Associate

Durante los meses de Octubre y Noviembre, realizando esta formación nivel asociado con certificación oficial incluida de doble oportunidad, te damos GRATIS el curso de Fundamentos SC-900: Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals con laboratorios, prácticas y material de estudio.



Who is this certification for?

Do you design, implement, and operate an organization’s identity and access management systems by using Azure AD? 

Do you manage tasks such as providing secure authentication and authorization access to enterprise applications?

Do you troubleshoot, monitor, and report the identity and access environment?

If so, you are the right person to be taking the new Microsoft Security Identity and Access exam.

Acerca de este curso

Este curso persigue:

  • Implement an Identity Management Solution
  • Implement an Authentication and Access Management Solution
  • Implement Access Management for Apps
  • Plan and Implement an Identity Governance Strategy


Module 1: Implement an identity management solution

  • Implement Initial configuration of Azure AD
  • Create, configure, and manage identities
  • Implement and manage external identities
  • Implement and manage hybrid identity

Lab: Manage user roles

Lab: Setting tenant-wide properties

Lab: Assign licenses to users

Lab: Restore or remove deleted users

Lab: Add groups in Azure AD

Lab: Change group license assignments

Lab: Change user license assignments

Lab: Configure external collaboration

Lab: Add guest users to the directory

Lab: Explore dynamic groups

Module 2: Implement an authentication and access management solution

  • Secure Azure AD user with MFA
  • Manage user authentication
  • Plan, implement, and administer conditional access
  • Manage Azure AD identity protection

Lab: Enable Azure AD MFA

Lab: Configure and deploy self-service password reset (SSPR)

Lab: Work with security defaults

Lab: Implement conditional access policies, roles, and assignments

Lab: Configure authentication session controls

Lab: Manage Azure AD smart lockout values

Lab: Enable sign-in risk policy

Lab: Configure Azure AD MFA authentication registration policy

Module 3: Implement access management for Apps

  • Plan and design the integration of enterprise for SSO
  • Implement and monitor the integration of enterprise apps for SSO
  • Implement app registration

Lab: Implement access management for apps

Lab: Create a custom role to management app registration

Lab: Register an application

Lab: Grant tenant-wide admin consent to an application

Lab: Add app roles to applications and recieve tokens

Module 4: Plan and implement an identity governancy strategy

  • Plan and implement entitlement management
  • Plan, implement, and manage access reviews
  • Plan and implement privileged access
  • Monitor and maintain Azure AD

Lab: Create and manage a resource catalog with Azure AD entitlement

Lab: Add terms of use acceptance report

Lab: Manage the lifecycle of external users with Azure AD identity governance

Lab: Create access reviews for groups and apps

Lab: Configure PIM for Azure AD roles

Lab: Assign Azure AD role in PIM

Lab: Assign Azure resource roles in PIM

Lab: Connect data from Azure AD to Azure Sentinel