Online event: Power Platform RPA


Power Platform and its RPA is software that defines workflows and configures bots to perform designated tasks in a logical sequence. A robot can perform any multi-step process that occurs in a GUI faster and without errors.

Therefore, a robotic process automation tool helps speed up manual workflows, where it is easy to make mistakes, so that employees can focus on higher-value tasks.

Who is it addressed to?

IT directors, financiers, CEOs, and managers in general, ICT professionals, developers, innovation professionals, employees, and all those who want to get the most out of Power Platform and RPA. 


  • Welcome
  • Installation and configuration: gateway and machine
  • Know the automation functionalities of Robotics Process Automation
  • Learn the advantages of the Process Advisor
  • Know the components of RPA
  • Analyze the actions and their main objectives
  • Work with input and output variables
  • Practical examples
  • Success stories/testimonials of e-learning ExecuTrain México and Nanfor
  • Q&As


  • Wednesday, 01/25/2023


  • Of 15:45 PM - 17:15 PM CET


  • Rafael Quiroz - Microsoft Certified Trainer and Support Engineer at Nanfor Ibérica

Level 200 (Technical Level)

Event already held

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