Testimonials and recommendations of our students


Francisco Javier Gomez Gallardo. DP-201: Designing an Azure Data Solution

"Very grateful to all the professionals that make up Nanfor Ibérica, for me it has been a fundamental help when facing the study since from experience doing" the war on your own "with nothing / nobody to tutor you and monitor your steps makes one feel a bit lost and the work is less productive and consequently the spirits. Without a doubt, totally recommendable to face this type of challenges with you has been the best choice I have been able to make, so I will always keep in mind to repeat for future certifications given the success of this time "


Javier Amago Garcia. Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate DP200 and DP201

"I really liked the course I have taken to get the Azure Data Engineer certification. From the first moment they guide you through the contents of the exam and recommend the best learning route. The material with the test questions is great to put focus on the topics where you have the greatest room for improvement. Consultation forums are a great tool for clarifying doubts and you have constant support from teachers. Congratulations on a good job you do "


Ivan Fernandez PereaIvan Fernandez Perea. Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate DP200 and DP201

"Thanks to Jorge P. and Jose Ramon Baltza and to the whole #Azure tribe of BBVA Next Technologies for the tips to get the certification. Thanks also to David Suz and Patricia Domínguez Peña for all the facilities they give us from #Microsoft to train us and certify us in #Azure Kudos Kudos to Julio Garcia and all the people of Nanfor Ibérica for their support. https://lnkd.in/d2V8Uk5"



Sergio ZabalaSergio Zabala. Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert AZ-300 and AZ-301

"Nanfor's support has been an important reinforcement, from training, such as the collection of didactic resources that they offer, especially the practical tests, which give a good reference when facing a certification exam. I would also highlight their help through forums and email, they have a high involvement with the student. "



Rodrigo Pérez BurguesRodrigo Pérez Burgues. Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate DP200 and DP201

"The Namfor Iberica course to obtain the official certifications I have to value very positively. Both the course material available on the online campus, the online training received and the attentive and prompt support of the teachers have helped a lot to achieve the certifications . Congratulate you on your work. "



Marco Fong LuceroMarco Fong Lucero. Microsoft Certified: Developer Associate AZ 203

"Very satisfied with the course, management and knowledge of Nanfor. The follow-up they have carried out throughout the program has been incredible and, above all, the constant concern that we take the correct steps towards the certifications. I would repeat with them."



Óscar SerranoOscar Serrano. Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert AZ-300 and AZ-301

"Thanks to this training project, I have been able to successfully complete
the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert that I previously had in place, taking advantage of the resources and exam associated with the project. "



Eric Bellet LockerEric Bellet Locker. Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate DP200 and DP201

"Very good course to guide you on how to obtain certifications. The exam model materials help a lot with the preparation. At the end of the course, videos were published answering“ complicated ”questions of the exams which allow a better understanding of the operation of the different technologies The platform is very well made, thank you. "



Cristina Arce PaynoCristina Arce Payno. Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate DP200 and DP201

"A lot of effort, work, study, family and exams and also confinement, but with a great reward. I have managed to pass both exams and become certified as Azure Data Engineer Associate. Very good tutors who quickly answered questions, and very attentive to the time to resolve any problems. "



Juan Carlos Palacios JimenezJuan Carlos Palacios Jimenez. DP-201: Designing an Azure Data Solution

"I got my first Microsoft certification thanks to this course. I found the attention to the student by Nanfor very good both in the resolution and answer to doubts and in orientation and guidance in the preparation process. The educational resources, especially the I found the exams and the online sessions very complete and appropriate. I will certainly repeat myself in preparation for my next certification. "



Enrique Sánchez

Enrique Sanchez . Developing Windows Azure ™ and Web Services (Course 20487 - Exam 70-487)

"Experience for exam preparation with Nanfor it has been very satisfactory. At all times they have acted very professionally, not only during the examination, 
but also during the course and the preparation of the "tests". They have always been available to resolve any questions or problems that may arise."


Javier Bermejo

Javier Bermejo. Programming in C # (Course 20483 - Exam 70-483)

"Very happy to have been able to pass the exam thanks to the course taken. The content of the course was well explained in the help slides and they are always ready to answer questions. A very satisfactory experience and I hope to repeat"



Miguel Fernandez Lopez.

Miguel Fernandez Lopez. LPIC1 Certification - Exams 101 and 102

"Very happy to get the certification, it has been a very pleasant experience, both for the personal satisfaction and for the good treatment received by the virtual teachers who are always at your disposal and answer as soon as possible. It is an orderly agenda , with documentation and very complete exercises. Very grateful and I hope to repeat. "


Sergio Dias

Sergio Dias. Programming in C #. Course OD20483BC - Exam 70-483

"Very good courses, attentive and professional, knowing how to transmit knowledge and willing to resolve any questions or problems. For me, 100% satisfied."



Rafael Galante Gutiérrez

Rafael Galante Gutiérrez. Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions. Course OD20533C - Exam 70-533

"Honestly I have seen my own content scarce, I have missed more, but, the one you offer is very good, everything is understood very well and very professional. Your attention has been excellent and the responses of the forum quick and resolved instantly. The MOC is perfect. Very good tests and very similar questions fall on the exam. "


Jaime Feijoo

Jaime Feijoo. ITIL Foundation Course

"ITIL Foundation course with excellent and complete material that allows you to pass it successfully, the professional service I have received from Nanfor Ibérica allows me to recommend them widely. Very good treatment at their facilities. Completely grateful."



Rubén Cuevas GarcíaRubén Cuevas García. ANDxamen: 70-462: Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases

"Very happy to have achieved this achievement with the help of Nanfor Ibérica. Updated documentation and agenda, good support and facilities and a good professional team. A pleasant experience. Thank you"



Sergio ParedesSergio Paredes. IFCD07 Web Application Development Jaba Web services J2EE

"I have left Nanfor very satisfied, I like that they do individual tutoring to prepare us when it comes to finding a job and the option to advertise ourselves and put us in your job bank. The teacher was quite nice and knew what he was doing, and the staff very nice and attentive. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to train in the field of programming / development. "


Miriam Pavón Buenache. Fundamentals of ITIL

"I decided to Nanfor Ibérica because it offered online courses, something that scared me at first, but they gave me a lot of security from the beginning, and they have not disappointed me. I am very happy with the attention provided and I do not rule out taking another course in the future. Always. I have received timely information when I have requested it and it has been very useful for my work. "


Juan Bautista Burgos AbadieJuan Bautista Burgos Abadie. MB2-707: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization and Configuration

"My experience in Nanfor has been very satisfactory. They have treated me in a close way and have provided me with all the means and information necessary to achieve my certification. Thank you very much!"



Miguel Fernandez. LPI Official Linux Course - Exams 101 and 102

"Very happy to get the certification, it has been a very pleasant experience, both for the personal satisfaction and for the good treatment received by the virtual teachers who are always at your disposal and answer as soon as possible. It is an orderly agenda , with documentation and very complete exercises. Very grateful and I hope to repeat. "


Carlos Miñana Marti. Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications (Course 20486C - Exam 70-486)

"The course material at a theoretical and practical level has been very useful to improve my knowledge and apply it professionally. Both on the part of the teacher ..."




Sergio Dias. Programming in C # (Course OD20483BC - Exam 70-483)

"Very good courses, attentive and professional, knowing how to transmit knowledge and willing to resolve any questions or problems. For me, 100% satisfied."




Rubén Cuevas García. Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Databases (Course 20462C - equivalent to 10775A - Exam 70-462)

"Updated documentation and agenda, good support and facilities and good professional team. A pleasant experience. Thank you."




Analía Gimenez. Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 (Course 80748AE)

"I learned a completely new subject for me, it is a basic but very complete course. Good to start working in this environment."




Marcos Luis Salgado. MCSD: Azure Solutions Architect Solutions Developer

"The material and the support have been the key to obtaining my certification. I would not hesitate to hire more official courses with this company."





Testimonials and recommendations to our trainers

"As a student and trainer who was from Nanfor, I want to recognize the great work of Javier Lozano as a deep connoisseur of the most advanced Microsoft solutions, such as Artificial Intelligence and Customer Engagement (CRM) techniques for management solutions, which include Machine Learning for predictive business solutions. "

Juan Rogelio Saavedra

"Efficiency is the word that comes to mind when I think of Javier and the company he works for. His courses are great and they really ride the new waves in the IT world, especially in the AI area where I think their courses and programs are worth it. Thanks Javier, see you in the next wave. "

Miguel Oliver Delma

"Javier is a deep connoisseur of Cloud Business Solutions that are included under the Dynamics 365 platform. Javier has been exporting this knowledge for a long time, as well as its application as part of the Business Digitization process, to Partners and Clients. Great to see now how it helps to understand the practically limitless possibilities derived from integrating Dynamics365 with Artificial Intelligence and MachineLearning, offering Predictive Analytics Solutions applied to business processes and decisions. "

Cristina Lanzagorta Hernandez

"Javier is an international expert in innovation and digital transformation activities, to apply to business focusing on Artificial Intelligence, fully recommended on a professional and personal level. We had a joint venture to serve one of the Ibex35 companies, which helped the same to position itself at the US level and to make its investments profitable in a very remarkable way. "

Ignacio Rivero

"Javier's Is a person that is in self-developing continuously, his last project in AI impressed me, a financial model with D365 Business Central, It shows how to generate a Machine Learning models for the optimization of the cash flows predictions and payments delay predictions . "

Marko quevedo

"Javier is a great person and a great professional, he has extensive experience in courses on Artificial Intelligence applied to business solutions with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) and Business Central Finance so that the business development team can improve their predictions of closing of opportunities and creation of Forecast through the assistants, use of natural language and predictive analysis in the sales part. I recommend your methodology. "

Noemi Vidal

"Javier is a recommended professional in many aspects, both human and professional, but he stands out mainly when it comes to approaching projects and training, in many areas and always ready for innovation and research.

Jorge P.

"Javier is a serious and committed professional. He has many years of experience which guarantees his work. Without a doubt, a person to count on for professional matters related to his specialties."

Francisco Luque Santiago

"Javier Lozano is an expert in Microsoft Dynamics and it has been a pleasure to collaborate with him when we have had the opportunity. He works with a very high level of professionalism and the treatment with the client is excellent. I hope you continue to develop your career in this area and thus to be able to help more people and companies. "

Guillermo Javier Martin Chicharro

"I recommend Javier as a professional with extensive experience, with extensive experience ... his latest Artificial Intelligence courses that he has recently taught, corroborate his deep knowledge and that he is an up-to-date and perfectly documented person, knowledgeable about the environment where he operates"

Ignacio Manzano Garcia placeholder image

"Javier is an excellent trainer with great knowledge in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. I have had the honor of collaborating with him in several training projects with both IT professionals and large companies and the satisfaction of the attendees has been total. Javier takes care of all the details of the training and perfectly adapts the needs of the assistants with the aim of obtaining a training ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. I am sure that we will collaborate in new formations in the near future "

Mario Salguero

"Javier is a great professional who always put passion in his work. When we first started to work together, I was impressed by Javier drive and precise go to market which shown a clear understanding of the market. Working with Javier is a good experience"

Nicolas Albouze

"Nanfor Ibérica is a company that combines its experience with continuous innovation in its training services, I personally recommend it as a provider of official Microsoft training services in the online mode since they have shown me a high capacity for eLearning training with significant results . "

Antonio Barba Galvez

"When I first met Javier he was just wondering how to transform the IT learning school he just took responsibility over into a healthy business. More than 10 years later, he can show a story of remarkable success, based on his strong performance, his focus and hard work. "

Juanjo Carmena


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