Adoption Services

Nanfor support group offers user support services for personalized ICT projects and to obtain the highest adoption rate of the new technologies implemented in organizations.

The following phases are those that we apply in the execution of an effective Adoption Plan:

1. We define the Objective of Adoption:

  • Identifying what changes or new technologies you want to adopt.
  • Establish the expected benefits of adoption.

2. We analyze the Context:

  • Evaluating the current environment of the organization/community.
  • Identifying challenges and opportunities that may arise during the adoption process.

3. We Identify the Interested Parties (Stakeholders):

  • We recognize the stakeholders who will be affected by the change.
  • We determine the level of influence and power of each stakeholder.

4. Communication and Training:

  • We developed a communication plan to inform stakeholders about the change.
  • We provide the appropriate training and training so that people can adapt to change effectively.

5. We created an IAG Adoption Team for Microsoft Copilots:

  • We appointed a team in charge of leading the adoption process.
  • We include members from different areas/departments to ensure complete representation.
  • We use our support and support team with teletraining platforms and individualized monitoring

6. We develop an Implementation Plan:

  • We establish a detailed schedule with deadlines and key milestones.
  • We assign, in collaboration with the organization, clear responsibilities to members of the adoption team.

7. Monitoring with KPIs:

  • In this phase, we establish KPIs to measure the progress and success of adoption.
  • We conduct periodic evaluations to identify areas for improvement and adjust the plan as necessary.

8. Change Management:

  • We implement strategies to manage resistance to change.
  • We created a plan to foster an organizational culture that promotes flexibility and adaptability to Microsoft IAG solutions

9. We celebrate achievements:

  • We recognize and celebrate the milestones reached during the adoption process.
  • Strengthening the commitment and motivation of those involved.

10. Continuity and Improvement:

  • Once we have feedback, four weeks after implementation we develop a maintenance plan and improve long-term adoption.
  • We assess the organization's readiness to adapt to additional changes in the future.

Careful planning, effective communication, and active participation of all interested parties are key to ensuring a successful adoption plan.

Tailoring these steps to the specific needs of your organization or community will ensure a smoother and more successful adoption process with our collaboration.

If you want more information about our methodology, implementation processes, techniques and IAG digital tools, please contact us at