Courses subsidized with SEPE Microcredits

Courses subsidized with SEPE Microcredits

To request the microcredit of 600 euros from SEPE for training courses, the interested party must enroll in one of Nanfor's official Microsoft courses and obtain the associated certification .

The process to follow would be:

  1. Enroll in a Nanfor Microsoft Officer Course
  2. Pay registration
  3. Obtain certification of successful completion
  4. Enter the Fundae website and request help, attaching the certification obtained, invoices and responsible declaration from the person who provided the training.

Training details

  • Courses in teletraining mode
  • Individualized training support "Always by your side"
  • Doubts and queries: Any doubts that may arise regarding the request for help are resolved through our consultants and our Copilot.
  • Fee: The fee for courses subsidized with Nanfor Microcredits with a double chance exam included is 855 Euros . If you fail the first time, we continue training until you are fully prepared and your certification options are maximum.

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To locate information about the courses, go to:

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Training support: Always by your side

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