Nanfor announces strategic collaboration with Celestetek to enhance support for Microsoft Partners

The collaboration between Nanfor and Celestetek focuses on the implementation of training and technical support programs designed specifically to meet the needs of Microsoft partners. With a focus on enablement and technical support, this alliance seeks to provide the tools and knowledge necessary for Microsoft partners to effectively grow and expand their businesses in the cloud environment.


About CelesteTek

Cloud experts for Microsoft partners. At CelesteTek, we understand the unique challenges Microsoft partners face. We have a deep understanding of the Microsoft partner ecosystem and the services Microsoft offers. We leverage this knowledge to help our customers navigate complex scenarios and maximize their business opportunities, and ensure that the solutions proposed by Microsoft partners take into account many important variables, including cost, industry, governance, manageability, security, automation and scalability.



CelesteTek Services

Initial consultation

Our basic service is designed to provide you with introductory guidance on a specific Microsoft product or service. Through this service, you will learn how to effectively position the product or service you want to sell to customers, as well as better understand what questions you should ask your customer to correctly plan the implementation of the product or service.

Pre-sales consultations

Our pre-sales consultations are designed to help you overcome any technical barriers that could prevent you from closing a sales opportunity with your clients. We offer a wide range of services, such as architecture reviews, proof of concept guidance and in-depth technical discussions, to ensure that your proposed solution meets your client's requirements.

Implementation consultations

Our Implementation Consultations are specifically designed to help Microsoft partners plan and implement solutions for their customers. Our consultations provide technical guidance and best practices throughout the different phases of the implementation process, ensuring that your solutions are planned, implemented and managed correctly.

Technical formation

Our free technical webinars, live-streamed and open to everyone, offer a great opportunity to learn about a wide variety of Microsoft products and services. These webinars are designed to be accessible and informative, providing valuable information that can help you and your team stay ahead.



Technological areas

Azure Infrastructure, Data and AI, Security and Identity, Modern Construction, Energy Platform