Information session - From DA-100 to PL-300: What's new in Power BI certification



Informative session on the main differences between the DA-100 certification and the new PL-300 certification from Microsoft in collaboration with ExecuTrain México.

This is a session aimed at all those students who have successfully passed the DA-100 certification and who want to expand and deepen their knowledge of Power BI with the new certification.

Who is it addressed to?

ICT professionals, data analysts, HR managers, business managers who use Power BI, innovation professionals, employees and anyone who wants to obtain information on how to help their organization maximize the value of its data assets; and who have successfully passed the DA-100 certification.


  • Introduction
  • Differences between certifications
  • New components to obtain certification
  • Practical examples
  • Success stories/testimonials of e-learning ExecuTrain Mexico
  • Q&As


  • Wednesday, April 6, 2022


  • From 15:45 - 17:15 PM CEST

Speaker - Mario Salguero

Level 100 (User Level)

Event already held

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