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Julio García-
Javier Lozano Moreno -

Course objectives

This course will provide you with enough knowledge to be able to easily navigate the Internet Explorer environment; as well as for web browsing and email management.

Addressed to

People who want to learn to navigate the Internet and master the tools provided by this application.


Course content

Unit 1. Using a browser
Point 1.1. Introduction

Point 1.1. The Navigator
Point 1.2. Save a page and download files
Point 1.3. Favorites and History
Point 1.4. Plugin installation and security
Unit 2. Use of the internet
Point 2.1 Introduction
Point 2.2 Search engines
Point 2.3 Internet search management
Point 2.4 Useful websites: work, health, leisure, shopping, auctions, etc…
Point 2.5 Electronic purchase and secure store
Point 2.6 Voice over IP
Unit 3. Using email
Point 3.1 Introduction
Point 3.2 Creation of a free account
Point 3.3 Configuring an MSN email program
Point 3.4 Use of the email program

Software and Hardware Requirements

Hardware: Multimedia PC

Pentium IV or higher, 1 Gb of memory, sound card, speakers/headphones


Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7

Browsers: Explorer 6,7 and 8 or Firefox 2 and 3

Java 1.5 or higher

Adobe Flash Player 7.0 or higher

Javascript enabled

Adobe Reader 8.0 or higher

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