Online event - Microsoft Viva: Improving the employee experience


Overwhelmed at work? Are too many hours spent in meetings or other processes in your organization? Can't find the information you need? Do you come across content that is duplicated and you don't need it? Would you like to work in an environment where the employee is the hero? So, learn how Microsoft has created a set of innovative solutions for employee and organizational improvement.

Who is it addressed to?

ICT professionals, Human Resources managers, company managers, innovation professionals, employees and all those who wish to know the advantages of using and implementing Microsoft Viva in organizations.


  • Welcome
  • What is Microsoft Viva?
  • Access and management of information: Viva Topics
  • Learn about news, conversations and resources with Viva Connections
  • How to optimize employee learning and performance with Viva Learning
  • Promote productivity and well-being with Ideas Viva
  • Success stories/testimonials of e-learning ExecuTrain Mexico

  • Q&As


  • Wednesday, 01/19/2022


  • From 15:45 PM - 17:15 PM CEST


  • Javier Lozano Moreno - Microsoft Certified Trainer Business Technologist Nanfor, MS Certified D365, Marketing Functional Consultant Associate + Power Platform​ and Functional Consultant Associate

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