Online event: Programming with Power BI Dax and Python and the use of Artificial Intelligence with Power BI



Power BI is the data visualization management standard for decision making. Their panels are constantly improving. DAX programming, Python and AI are three components that further increase its effectiveness.

Who is it addressed to?

IT directors, ICT professionals, data and business managers, managers, innovation professionals, employees and all those who want to get the most out of the AI ​​and programming solutions offered by Power BI.


  • Welcome
  • DAX: Use the CALCULATE() function to manipulate the filter context
  • Use time intelligence functions
  • Python in Power BI: Using Python in the query editor
  • Creating visuals with Python
  • AI with Python: Natural Language Queries
  • Quick conclusions
  • Integration with Azure OpenAI
  • Practical demo
  • Success stories/testimonials of e-learning ExecuTrain Mexico
  • Q&A


  • Wednesday, 06/14/2023


  • Of 16:45 PM - 18:15 PM CEST


  • Rafael Quiroz - Microsoft Certified Trainer and Support Engineer at Nanfor Ibérica

Level 200 (Technical Level)

Event already held

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