Our CEO, Javier Lozano, has been appointed Vice President of the new association called ANCYPEL

21 years ago Javier Lozano together with other businessmen interested in e-learning decided to create APeL , the Association of e-learning Providers, which has currently merged with ANCED , National Association of eLearning and Distance Centers, to make a better association. and with more services to members.

ANCED and APel join together in a single employer association of e-Learning centers and providers

ANCED, National Association of e-Learning and Distance Centers, and Apel, Association of e-Learning Providers, have taken another step in the integration of both institutions, with the approval by ANCED of the modification of its Statutes to accommodate new partners and prepare the resulting association for the great challenges of the sector. The association has adopted the name National Association of E-Learning Centers and Providers, ANCYPEL.

The entity will be governed by a Board of Directors whose president will be Arturo de las Heras García , current president of ANCED, four vice presidents, a treasurer, twelve members and a general secretary.

For De las Heras this integration means "a historical milestone, since it represents the union of two business associations that represent the diversity of actors in non-face-to-face training and that will mean a single, much stronger voice in the defense and promotion of a sector in continuous growth in Spain and in the world ." For his part, José Antonio Buzón, president of APeL, emphasizes that "the creation of ANCYPEL will allow the service to lead the evolution of the market, working from cohesion and managing the sustainability of the sector".

This agreement to integrate APeL into ANCED has been possible thanks to the effort and generosity of both associations

It culminates a process developed in the last year that results in the resulting employers' association being much stronger and more representative, since It will bring together 130 entities related to training : online universities, centers that provide non-face-to-face training (e-learning, distance and mixed), multimedia content providers and e-learning platforms, technology companies and publishers. These companies serve more than one million students a year and employ nearly 25,000 workers.

The challenges that the association now faces in this new stage are to consolidate its sector leadership in non-face-to-face training and e-Learning providers in Spain to offer more and better services to its associates. The lever for the evolution of ANCYPEL must be associative growth, and at an institutional level, the union of both forces means expanding representation in different forums. This agreement to integrate APeL into ANCED has been possible thanks to the effort and generosity of both associations , which at all times have sought the greater common good.

Original source: https://www.msn.com/es-es/noticias/espana/anced-y-apel-se-unen-en-una-c3-banica-asociaci-c3-b3n-patronal-de-los -e-learning-centers-and-providers/ar-AAYCj5E?ocid=BingNewsSearch

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