Nanfor announces a new immediate attention service to its course participants based on OpenAI

We are pleased to announce a significant improvement in our support services to our course participants with our new version of 24x7 support based on Azure OpenAI on ChatGPT. Replacing cognitive services based on LUIS, Q&A and ChatBot and generating a significant improvement in communication with our students.

Generative AI improves the quality and level of responses on previous services in 45% of cases. The integration of ChatGPT with our data and the thousands of responses made by our support team provides knowledge transfer power above what existed before.

Nanfor students will find the new immediate attention service based on OpenAI on the virtual campus, and they will have two different models:

  • Open Azure AI: where the participant can ask any type of question, obtaining answers from the ChatGPT system itself.
  • Internal Azure AI: where the participant will get exclusive answers prepared by the Nanfor support service . This model is oriented to specific queries of the courses and answers developed by expert trainers and tutors will be obtained.

With these innovative services we increase our speed in learning transfer while maintaining a high level of direct support with our expert trainers and in constant contact with students.

Benefits of ChatGPT based on Azure AI

ChatGPT on Nanfor Virtual Campus is a tool that uses Microsoft Azure artificial intelligence to provide a more interactive and personalized learning experience for students. Some of the benefits of this tool are:

  • Quick Answers: The chatbot can quickly answer common questions and provide useful information for students.
  • 24-hour availability: Students can access the chatbot at any time, which means they can get their questions answered even outside of customer service hours.
  • Personalization: The chatbot uses artificial intelligence to analyze students' questions and provide personalized and relevant answers.
  • Time Savings: By having a chatbot available to answer common questions, Nanfor support staff can spend their time helping students with more complex and specific questions.

In short, chatGPT on Nanfor's virtual campus helps students get quick, personalized answers to their questions, enhancing their learning experience and allowing them to spend more time absorbing new knowledge and skills.

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