Nanfor, a leading company in training and technology consulting solutions , has recently obtained 27001 certification according to the sustainability approval and certification plan that both the EU and Microsoft request from their partners.

This certification guarantees that Nanfor has implemented a robust and efficient information security management system , in line with the most demanding international standards. To achieve this certification, the company has had to meet a series of strict requirements, including the implementation of physical and logical security measures , the protection of sensitive data and the prevention of cyber threats.

Obtaining the 27001 certification reflects Nanfor's commitment to excellence in information security management, as well as its ability to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information it manages.

This certification is an important achievement for the company, as it demonstrates its ability to meet the most rigorous information security requirements, making it a reliable and secure company for its customers.

In addition, the 27001 certification is increasingly relevant in the current digital environment, in which cyber threats are increasingly frequent and sophisticated. Therefore, obtaining this certification demonstrates Nanfor's ability to face these challenges and guarantee the safety of its customers.

In summary, achieving 27001 certification is a significant achievement for Nanfor, demonstrating its commitment to excellence in information security management and its ability to deliver secure and reliable solutions to its customers.

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