On March 31, Nanfor , the renowned technology education and training company, gave a seminar on Azure Purview for more than 80 partners from all over Europe. The initiative had the collaboration of Microsoft Portugal and the coordination of Daniela Vicente , Partner Enablement Manager of the company.

The seminar focused on the importance of Azure Purview in cloud data management and how companies can leverage this tool to improve the quality and security of their data. Attendees had the opportunity to learn from experts from Nanfor and Microsoft Portugal about the features and benefits of Azure Purview , as well as to exchange experiences and knowledge with other European partners.

Javier D. Lozano , CEO of Nanfor , expressed his satisfaction for the collaboration with Microsoft Portugal in this initiative and for the agility and breadth of vision of its coordinator, Daniela Vicente.

"We are very happy to have been able to collaborate with Microsoft Portugal in this seminar. Daniela Vicente's experience and knowledge have been fundamental to the success of this initiative and we hope to continue working together on future projects," said Lozano.

The Azure Purview seminar by Nanfor and Microsoft Portugal has been a success and has allowed European partners to learn first-hand about the latest trends and tools in data management in the cloud.

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