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Feb 21 2023

"How obtaining a certification is profitable for employees"

In the first blog of this series, we explain how Learning Partners can help your team upskill at the fast pace of today's technology. In this blog, we'll show you how Learning Partners can help you and your team train and prepare for Microsoft certification exams.

By helping improve employee career advancement with Microsoft certifications, your company can increase employee confidence, professional credibility, and happiness—all of which leads to better retention!

According to Skillsoft's IT Skills and Salary Report (1), it is undeniable that certifications are profitable for both employees and employers. Most respondents report that the quality of their work has improved. They are also more engaged at work (41%) and complete their work tasks faster (36%).

Other key benefits for your team include the possibility of receiving a pay increase or promotion, fewer errors at work, and, perhaps most importantly, more advanced and efficient work thanks to a deeper understanding of the technologies you implement. Taking all of these factors into account, 76% of those surveyed by Microsoft's Job Trends Index said they would stay at their job longer if they had more learning opportunities (2) .

The role of Microsoft Learning Partners for your company and your people

The core value of Microsoft skills and certifications is also a great motivator for employees to maintain a learning mindset. Offering a path to Microsoft certification can be a great motivator in your team building program. As a manager at your company, you can enhance this value by helping your teammates connect with Microsoft Learning Partners.

You can also offer rewards for professional development, such as options to:

  • Earn certification bonuses
  • Access training materials
  • Participate in study groups
  • Set aside time from work for professional development

Through their own training programs, their employees obtain the opportunity to:

  • Get a head start on winning new client projects
  • Achieve higher levels of partnership with each other and with customers
  • Develop new competencies and partnership capabilities to offer clients

Everything supports the success of your business in the digital age.

The business benefits of Microsoft Learning Partners and their skills

Microsoft Learning Partners can be key to keeping your team ahead of your competitors. By working with Microsoft Learning Partners, you can:

  • Improve the acquisition of new accounts
  • Improve partnership relationships with cloud service providers through a higher level of certifications
  • Attract new talent more easily by offering real and valuable professional development
  • Retain your best employees through increased opportunities, salaries and satisfaction

Put your organization's focus on certification

More specifically, there are many benefits to working with Microsoft Learning Partners, including employees receiving quality test preparation, preferential access to testing centers, and exam registration support.

Microsoft Learning Partners also provide:

  • Subject matter experts who help create a comprehensive training plan with in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft certification path

  • Flexible training with multiple modalities such as in-person, virtual, hybrid, accelerated and extended deliveries with adaptable content

  • Profitability and co-financing with a single window for your training plans

  • The complete portfolio of Microsoft certifications including a full range of Microsoft role-based training across all solution areas

  • Dedicated classes with a single client, partner or class options (including bespoke and on-site deliveries)

  • Comprehensive training solutions offering skills gap analysis, post-training assessments, and online learning platforms

  • Go-to-market programs for workforce development, academics and education, special pricing and learning providers

Help your teams, your organization, and the world at large do more with less

On a personal level, the benefits of working with Microsoft Learning Partners go beyond improving your organization's products and/or services. They can help individual employees do better what they love and move your company closer to building a better world by helping more people do more things in the cloud and in their own lives.

In the third part of this series, we will demonstrate how Learning Partners can support the different learning styles of their staff to improve their skills and achieve certification.

Discover where your learning path can take you.

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We wish you the best of luck as you expand your team's skills, satisfaction, and performance!


(1) Skillsoft IT Skills and Salary Report 2022

(2) Microsoft Work Trends Index Report, Hybrid Work is Just Work. Are we doing it wrong?, September 2022

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