Nanfor, the company specialized in technological training, has expanded its training offer with the inclusion of its knowledge management platforms based on Azure. The company now offers a complete solution for online learning management, from content design and development to learning implementation and monitoring.

Nanfor's LMS platform is designed to adapt to the needs of each organization, allowing you to personalize the learning process and make it more effective. With this solution, companies will be able to access a wide variety of tools and resources for online training, such as videos, interactive activities, exams and discussion forums.

Nanfor's choice of Azure as the platform for knowledge management is due to its high scalability and availability , which guarantees an excellent user experience for students. Additionally, Azure has high security and compliance standards , ensuring data privacy and information confidentiality.

According to Nanfor experts, online training is a growing trend in the business and educational world, and the incorporation of LMS platforms based on Azure will allow organizations to adapt to this new paradigm and improve their efficiency and competitiveness.


Nanfor Learn Platform by Microsoft

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