Nanfor provides the first training of the Ali@2 program to innovate in the creation of talent in the Microsoft ecosystem with the collaboration of Adecco and IAMCP . The initiative has been a great success, since young people have been trained in PowerPlatform , a skill highly in demand in the labor market and among Microsoft partners.

In the photograph there are representatives of Microsoft, IAMCP, Microsoft partners, the training company Nanfor and the students in the Microsoft facilities at its headquarters in Madrid since the last session was held in person.

The Ali@2 program, promoted by Microsoft , aims to promote innovation and talent development in the company's ecosystem. With the collaboration of Adecco and IAMCP , Nanfor has been in charge of providing the first training in PowerPlatform , one of the skills most requested by companies today.

During the training, young people have learned to use PowerApps, PowerBI and PowerAutomate , tools that will allow them to create solutions and automate processes in different business environments. In addition, they have received complete training in best practices for the development of technological solutions in the Microsoft ecosystem.

With this initiative, it has been possible not only to train young people in skills that are highly in demand in the labor market, but also to promote entrepreneurship and the development of new technological solutions in the Microsoft ecosystem. Without a doubt, great news for the technology sector and for all those seeking to innovate and develop their career in this field!

Training details

The training was carried out remotely and took place on February 27 and March 10. In it, the official contents of the Power Platform courses were addressed:

Part of the training was carried out at the Microsoft offices, Madrid headquarters , with a workload of 6 hours a day, and was taught by our certified instructor Rafael Quiroz (Microsoft Certified Trainer and Nanfor Support Engineer). It was also attended by Enrique Ruiz , Data Center Cloud Region Lead & Chief Employability Officer at Microsoft Spain, and representatives from Adecco .

Ali@2 What does the program consist of?

Ali@2 is an initiative of Microsoft, The Adecco Group and the IAMCP Spain.

A Recruitment and Training program for young talent in Microsoft Technologies, which will offer a job opportunity to more than 2,000 young people in the IT sector and has a double objective:

  • GENERATE TALENT through the Recruitment and Training of young Talent in Microsoft Technologies.
  • IDENTIFY AND ATTRACT IT TALENT to put it at the service of Microsoft partners.

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