lLLUMINATE 2023 - IAMPC EMEA Conference - June 5, 6 and 7

The lLLUMINATE 2023 - IAMCP EMEA Conference took place on June 5, 6 and 7, 2023, in the beautiful city of Lecce , near Brindisi, in the south of Italy.

Illuminate is the annual international event organized by the Microsoft International Channel Partner Association. The objective of the event is to help accelerate digital transformation, promote networking, inform and train on the latest technological innovations.

More than 50 international speakers
entertained thematic round tables and educational sessions on AI, innovative technologies, mixed reality, metaverse, digitalization of Public Administrations, cloud solutions, cybersecurity and digital compliance.

In addition to this, the program provided time for networking and moments of entertainment, thanks to the support of several event partners, such as Fondazione La Notte della Taranta.

Listen to the conference by Javier D. Lozano, CEO Nanfor

Title: Azure OpenAI and Copilot: an Opportunity for the Microsoft partner Ecosystem

One of the featured speakers at Illuminate 2023 was Javier Lozano Moreno , CEO of Nanfor .

He is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert 2019 for Business Applications, Cloud development, Business Analytics, BI, AI, IoT and digital transformation in organizations and performance in people.

Its objectives are to improve both people and organizations by increasing productivity using better methods of knowledge acquisition, promoting eMarketing and exchanging business experiences and achievements.

Javier firmly believes that finding new ways of doing things will help find new clients .


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